There’s a chart in Chinese Medicine that shows which teeth are connected specific organs. 

I love to connect dental issues or previous work to imbalances in the body.

Crazy right?

I’ve found this to be quite accurate when it comes to helping guide me as to where to start with complicated cases. 

(Thank you to my pal Jen G for reminding about this tool a while back!)

If you’re dying to know what’s going on with you – click HERE to see an image of the Chinese Medicine Dental Chart.

Then call up your dentist and find out what number teeth they’ve worked on recently and look back at the chart.

Assess what you learn and see if there are any patterns to other symptoms you’ve had or have.

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Then once you know what organ systems are impacted evaluate how you can improve the function of those systems.

Chinese Medicine always blends organ systems with emotions. 

So if you don’t have any overt organ symptoms – see if the emotions match up. 

Sometimes emotions show up before organ imbalances!

See if there are any emotions you’re experiencing.

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Here are the emotion and organ connections below… 

  • lungs an issue – work on deeper breathing and improving your ability to hold your exhales longer; work on emotionally letting go of grief
  • intestines, liver, gallbladder – work on cleaning up your diet and opting for non-toxic foods as well as taking time to chew and enjoy your food, assess how you can let go of your worries
  • large intestine or colon – work on increasing fiber in your diet, letting go of emotional attachments
  • heart – circulation and cardiovascular training is necessary for you, find joy and work on calming your nervous system and anxious thoughts
  • reproductive organs – circulation and lymphatic drainage as well as hormone optimization would be a place to start, work on grounding and finding what gives you power to feel safe and secure
  • kidneys/bladder – assess your hydration and minimize toxic chemicals in your environment and home, work on preserving your energy and letting go of anything that isn’t serving you

You can apply this to current issues, old or new cavities and any dental work. 

It’s a way to get a look inside your body to know what needs a little TLC.

I’m happy to talk about the connections you’ve found – hit reply and let me know!

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

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