The quickest way to increase energy is to get outside and make direct contact with something in nature!. 
When’s the last time you shook hands with a tree, sniffed a flower or took your shoes off and walked around? 
Earthing or grounding is a quick way to get a quick charge from the earth. 
As is making a little time to get out in nature! 
There’s a farm just outside of Athens, Wisconsin that fires up it’s outdoor pizza ovens every weekend and people flock from all over to spend the evening relaxing. 
Kids put down their cell phones, chase the cats around and actually play together for hours. 
Adults linger for hours just sitting on the lawn chatting with friends or checking out the produce and animals.  
Stoney Acres Farm grows all their veggie toppings, including the wheat that they mill for the crust! 
Cheese is sourced from nearby organic farms.  
Everything is organic, even the beer they brew themselves.  
I recently had a beet, fennel, basil and fresh tomato pizza – you wouldn’t think those would go together, but it was delicious! 
It’s not gourmet food but if you get there after 5 o’clock and forget your chairs and cooler that doubles as a table you may have to eat your pizza off the grass.  
I personally love picnic style pizza… 
…and so do many others as it’s an incredibly popular way to dine on the farm. 
I can’t help but think you get a little extra boost from the experience of being on a farm, feet in the grass, and chatting with friends. 
It’s my favorite dining experience in Wisconsin so far and living in the area that’s quite popular for the “supper clubs”, I’ll choose the farm every time.  
So what is it about getting out side that’s so recharging? 
Dirt, sand, water, grass, plants of any kind have ionic charges just like you do.  
You can gain a charge from them! 
Getting your hands in dirt, water or sand can create this effect (hint, hint for my super allergic folks – you’re not excluded here!) 
This is why I encourage dabbling in gardening for everyone, even if it’s in a planter on your porch or counter. 
You can grow micro greens and herbs easily and hydroponically if you’re dealing with soil mold allergens. 
In school you likely learned that plants give off oxygen and take up your carbon dioxide. 
That’s one effect of nature but I believe it has a lot more as it’s a rich sensory experience. 
Slowing down to let your senses take in your surroundings calms your vagus nerve. The vagus nerve, your fight or flight nerve that often keeps you in a state of overwhelm that messes with your energy, hormones, metabolism and ages you faster…yes that nerve! 
Many people, including myself, use interacting with nature as a form of relaxation and meditation.  
Gardening and cooking are listed as two activities that get the vagus nerve out of fight or flight and info chill mode.  
Using the food and herbs you grow to create amazing meals doubles the energetic boosting power of nature! 
Have you ever picked your own lettuce, spinach, baby kale greens and herbs for a super fresh salad? 
It’s better than anything at the grocery store hands down. 
I’ll even eat my own kale because it’s not dry and doesn’t take hours to chew! 
There’s nothing that compares to “garden to table” meals.  
When is the last time you grabbed a handful of dirt or sand to see what it feels like? 
What about taking in the smells of nature, from fresh cut grass, before or after a rain to the scent of pine trees and flowers? 
What about the sounds – leaves rustling in the wind, birds chirping – when’s the last time you took a few minutes to appreciate this phenomenon? 
Slowing down to experience nature is one of the best ways to recharge and reset your nervous system.  
Committing to a few minutes a day is all you need and you don’t have to live in the country to experience this.  
The benefits are all around you! 
You never know what you might find right in your neighborhood that you’ve never experienced before.  
Don’t forget to check out the farms and wineries around you that offer events or opportunities to stop by and linger a bit! These can be amazing experiences for your vagus nerve to slow down and relax a bit! Here’s to a fabulous weekend recharging! Here’s to your health,Dr. J

Jannine Krause

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