Medical drama TV shows have doctors like Dr. Doogie Hauser and Dr. Gregory House from House going deep into patient’s cases to figure out what’s wrong with them.

While in real life “mysterious illnesses” that start over 40 are labeled as “normal aging” and you’re sent on your way!

What’s tragic is that many of the “mysterious illnesses” that show up as you get older are due to things that can be managed or prevented.

Usually these issues show up after a change in routine, behavior or habit.

I’ve seen becoming more sedentary become a huge factor in how fast health declines at any age.

I just volunteered at a food stand at a local fair here in Wisconsin. 

While the people watching was priceless, I was horrified at the health of so many younger adults!

Yet, at the same time I was also inspired by how many people of all ages showed up for the 5K fun run. 

There was a gentleman there in his 70’s who was rumored to run quite fast and finish before a lot of folks younger than him. 

Sure enough, this guy crushed it and finished before many of us “fit” 40+ year olds, including me!

Now this is what I like to see and this is my vision for myself in addition to all of you!

While running might not be your thing, I want you all to thrive when it comes to moving your body and staying strong for life!

New research is coming out every day about ways you can improve your health as you get older!

Unless you’re following someone that talks about these things it’s not being highlighted on the mainstream media!

Even as a doctor I have to do my own research and join groups that are into advancements in aging to gather as much information as possible. 

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of both men and women. 

It’s on the rise, as are strokes!

Can these be prevented?


Your heart can be strengthened as you get older as can your muscles and nervous system.

Keeping your muscles strong, maintaining your circulation and challenging your nerves is key!

Yes, there’s some effort that has to be made and a commitment to stay consistent with your efforts but they do pay off. 

One of the sports that I’ve found to train strength, cardiovascular system and the brain is rock climbing.

When I started indoor climbing in my early 40’s I thought I might be too old to start something new.

Turns out there were quite a few 40+ folks in the Tacoma rock climbing gym that were just getting started. 

I watched my morning crew transform their health and strength over the years.

Now they are crushing outdoor climbing and I’m jealous I’m not there with them!

They challenged me and inspired me each time we met up…

…and this is something I miss and encourage all of you who are driven by the energy of a group to explore. 

Look for a “newbie crew” to grow with or find a friend to try something new! 

While rock climbing might not be your jam, I challenge you to think about your current workout routines.

Ask yourself these questions when it comes to your current fitness regimen:

  • Does your regimen have you feeling like you’re getting stronger, faster and healthier each day?
  • Are you challenging your muscles to build strength or do you feel like you’re losing strength?
  • How do your muscles look right now, can you see and feel them?
  • Is there an element of working on your balance, one sided or cross body lifts?
  • Are you moving to the right and left versus just forward or back ward?
  • Do you get your heart rate up and can you bring it down to your baseline heart rate in 60 seconds?
  • Do you feel worse after your workouts than better?
  • Are you needing more time to recover from your workouts?

If you are not sure on any of these it’s time to re-imagine your workout routines or seek out a trainer or coach that can help guide you. 

There are trainers and coaches out there that have education specific for the older fitness enthusiast and this is crucial to look for when you’re searching for someone to guide you. 

The best thing anyone can do to prevent accelerated aging is move more and challenge your body in new ways regularly!

So I ask you, what are you up to these days to challenge your body?

When is the last time you balanced on one foot, hopped or crawled around?

Can you speed your heart rate up to the 140’s and bring your heart rate back to baseline in 60 seconds?

The better you move, the stronger you will be, the less pain you will have and the more you can do for life!

If you’re workouts aren’t leaving your feeling high on life then it’s time to make some change!

And if you’re not currently consistent with your routines then there’s no time like the present to seek out help!

I have a network of fitness professionals that I work with and I also offer guidance and training specific for women over 40. 

No one should be left in the dark when it comes to options for aging well!

Stay tuned for Wednesday where I’ll be going into mindset and training tips for those over 40!

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

Jannine Krause

Get back to your wild, active, vibrant self

Let’s figure out what’s accelerating your aging process…

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