How you drink your coffee could be causing your cholesterol to go up.

Coffee straight up without food in the morning causes cortisol to spike on top of it’s morning elevation.

Caffeine increases cortisol. 

Elevated cortisol for prolonged periods can increase cholesterol.  

Since most coffee lovers would rather suffer the consequences of elevated cortisol than not have their morning brew know there’s a work around.

Eat at least 25-30 grams of protein each morning before coffee.

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You can pair the protein with whatever you like as long as you consume it before you guzzle down your coffee. 

Can you sip your coffee while eating?  

Yes, if you are really diligently sipping.

Why so much protein in the AM?

I thought fasting with black coffee was stabilizing my blood sugar?!

Not when you’re introducing caffeine into the system that naturally boosts cortisol. 

Protein stabilizes blood sugar and prevents cortisol spikes this is why it’s key. 

Add some fiber in the form of nuts, seeds, or veggies and you’re on your way to balanced blood sugar and cholesterol. 

Do this with each meal for the rest of the day. 


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I know this goes against every fasting guru out there!

And from what I’m seeing in labs fasting isn’t exactly helping cholesterol in the majority of my patients. 

This trick is from my podcast guest Jen Trepeck the host of Salad with a Side of Fries podcast.

She has proof this works and dives into it in our podcast coming out this Saturday! 

So I challenge all of you out there who guzzle down coffee before food and have elevated cholesterol.

Test your cholesterol before and 3 months after trying this trick. 

Report back your findings – I’d love to see if this tip worked for you!

If you’re a patient of mine let me know you want to test this out, I’m happy to order the labs.

Here’s to your cardiovascular health,

Dr. J

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