No, I haven’t invested in a vineyard or distillery!

But I have been spending more time searching for what will help you get the best results with the interventions you’re making.

The longer I’ve been in the game the more I’ve learned that health goes way deeper than making lifestyle changes.

Real change happens when you tap into the subconscious mind and tease out why you self sabotage, won’t put yourself first, keep repeating the same patterns and everything else you do that doesn’t serve you.

Let’s face it, everyone has something that has messed with them and shaped the way they operate.

What if you could tap into that and restore balance in your body faster?

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for something that will make the process flow easier.

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This is why I was intrigued when I realized that I could impact my subconscious mind on a deeper level without having to do years of therapy, spend hours in hypnosis sessions and multiple sessions a day on EFT and meditation.

I want to get all of you results when it comes to balancing hormones, rebooting your energy and helping you age better.

What’s the one thing that has the potential to hold you up from reaching all of your health goals?

The programmed wiring in your brain that tells you stories about you and your capabilities…

…about your abilities to stick with eating healthy, workouts and even protocols to help resolve your symptoms. 

In search of something that could help you tap into your subconscious mind without a lot of effort I found Privia Naturals.

As I mentioned before, I interviewed Nick the owner of the US version of the Swiss based company to learn more about how he’s helping his clients remove mental and emotional blocks to resolve symptoms. 

What is Nick is doing with his clients?

Using muscle testing to assess chakra and mental conflict blockages holding people back from their true potential. 

A month ago Nick taught me how to do muscle testing to assess for the 7 chakra imbalances and the mental conflicts that go with them.

I can do this in person or over Zoom. 

I use a vial that contains information for each chakra in it and I place it on the client and then I use a type of muscle testing holding their wrists gently and lifting them to see if their thumbs line up.

Each time the thumbs line up it – that chakra is balanced.

When the thumbs do not line up then that’s the chakra that isn’t balanced.

After the chakra imbalance is determined I move to the mental conflicts that go with each chakra to determine what’s at the root of the blockage.

Once those are determined I assess for imbalances in the autonomic nervous system as well as the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

Then I pair up the protocol based on the chakra imbalance, the mental conflict and if the nerve system needs some balancing I add that as well. 

If I suspect geopathic stress from the environment I’ll test that too. 

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Protocols are used for 2-3 months then retested as you move through blocks.

In some cases the protocols may be done in 3 months and in others a few more months may be needed.

What you’ll discover from this “therapy in a bottle” is that you’ll stop self sabotaging and regain more balance in your life.

People who struggle to say no, find they are able to create better boundaries for their health. 

If you’re a stress eater you’ll catch yourself before you head into another round.

Things that used to stress you out won’t bother you as much as in the past. 

The list goes on!

Paired with hormone balancing, gut health or anti-aging protocols I see these as a way to help you make changes in your lifestyle that serve you better and move you forward toward your goals faster.

90 day remedy supplies cost less than one therapy session!

I’m layering these into my hormone balancing protocols to enhance the effect of herbs and bio-identical hormones.

Think of the homeopathic as taking out the interference of the nervous system and it’s resistance to change. 

These are great for those wanting to dive deeper into self exploration and mental health without having to turn to psychedelic mushrooms, ayahuasca or ketamine.

In the time that I’ve been using these remedies I’ve felt a huge shift in my anxiety as well as my sleep quality.

I feel more confident and at home in my body.

If you’re curious about how Privia Naturals Homeopathics can help you resolve chronic issues, balance your hormones and have you feeling good in your skin – send a message and let’s talk!

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

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