Lack of motivation is real when it’s November in Tacoma, Washington and it’s day 28 of steady rain, fog and dreariness.

A few years ago, I thought a December marathon in Las Vegas would be fun…

…but forgot timing for outdoor long runs would suck in Western Washington in November. 

Training for a long run on a treadmill is how I imagine workouts in jail would be. 

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For most, lack of motivation comes from a deeper place than poor planning.

If I was really truly psyched about running the marathon I would have embraced the soggy training and chance for bleeding friction rubs from my sports bra. 

Having something that fires you up and gets you excited is the quickest way to reboot your motivation.

The chance to learn a new skill or geek out on something can be a quick reboot. 

During that dreary month when I was supposed to be training for a marathon I geeked out on learning indoor rock climbing…

…in between a few runs on the treadmills. 

Had I not found the rock climbing gym to motivate me, I may not have ran the marathon at all.

To be honest, I bailed and ran the 1/2 marathon vs the full…

…and decided I was done with marathons.

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Now… each time I find myself losing motivation in something, my career or in life in general I look for what I’m drawn to learn or explore on a deeper level. 

Lack of motivation has roots in stress and overwhelm just as much as it does in the need for change. 

Perhaps it’s your soul’s way of saying – let’s get out of this rut and try something new. 

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So – what evokes your curiosity, interests you or has you excited to geek out over it a bit more?

Follow your intuition, try something new and exciting and let go of the things that don’t interest you any longer.

Getting hooked on something new is the fastest way to reboot your motivation. 

Here’s to your motivation,

Dr. J

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