Diets suck. 

I started my first one when I was 8 years old after seeing my belly in a picture and my Dad commenting how I was “really filling out my school uniform”. 

I’m sure he didn’t mean anything from it but it stuck with me.

For many women diet culture has been a huge part of their life.

Searching for the “right one” from books to magazine headlines in the grocery line screaming at you.

And now there’s social media and Tik Tok.

From 8 to 40 I was on and off a diet and wondered why, with all the health information I’d learned in my life I couldn’t seem to master eating.

Sound familiar to anyone?

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Obviously it took me a few years to figure out that it wasn’t the diet, it was my relationship with food that was the issue. 

Every diet has the potential to benefit you in one way or other as it’s all about what you learn from it. 

Blindly following any diet my Mom did in my early days didn’t yield any information other than, calculating ways to restrict my food. 

At one point I was eating a box of cereal a day because I determined it was the easiest way to stick to a set amount of calories.

Someday I should publish my findings from that experiment!

Needless to say it didn’t help my mental or athletic performance in swimming and diving while in high school.

But no one was talking about learning from your relationship with food!

The more you connect your emotions to your eating patterns the more you learn!

Many women come to me after decades of being on autopilot with food. 

Perhaps you’ve said to your doctor or hoped someone would create a meal plan and provide it to you every week for the rest of your life. 

“Doc, just tell me what to eat!”

Is a common phrase I hear. 

Believe me, if I knew I’d provide you a meal plan and a chef to help you get there. 

I may even throw in a few months on a beach in Fiji. 

But if and only if you worked on re-establishing a relationship with food! 

How do you forge a new relationship with food?

Observe yourself when it comes to food. 

Take notes on…

  • cravings and when you have them
  • are you a stress eater
  • do you skip meals then eat bigger meals the end of the day
  • are you a drive out of your way to get a meal person
  • restricter during the week and “cheat day” indulger on the weekend
  • what interesting habits and thoughts do you have about food?
  • believe you struggle to lose weight

The more you connect the more you can interrupt patterns and thoughts around food.

Now that might sound like a fun experiment but what I’ve noticed is that I get better results when I pair it with something that challenges your brain. 

Yes, a diet of sorts!

And I just said diets suck, why am I contradicting myself?

Because I have to use your current brain wiring around food to un-do it. 

The only diet that I ever recommend these days is the one that’s going to teach you about your hang ups with food while it helps you see what your body digests well and what it struggles with. 

But, doc, here you are back at restricting because I’m going to figure out that foods like dairy or gluten and I don’t get along. 

What if there was a way to eat these things in moderation and in certain situations where they didn’t mess with your gut?

Enter the “metabolic reset”…

Reset your metabolism and follow it up using the Lumen Device to help you gain insight into the foods work for you and ones that do not. 

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The metabolic reset is a 42 day program that takes all fat out of the diet and has you eating fruits, veggies and lean proteins.

While that isn’t anything earth shattering and special, the elimination of fats from the diet is meant to drive the body to clear out the liver. 

Plus for most people it takes the seed oils out of the diet that are prone to increasing inflammation in the liver and gut leading to weight gain.

What’s great about this plan is that over the course of 42 days I now have a journal that will prompt you to explore what’s going on in your mind during those days.

A food awareness journal of sorts. 

This is where the magic starts to happen.

When you start to re-introduce food, this is where you see how certain foods truly interact with your body. 

You can choose to use the Lumen device to help you see what meals, environments and situations, like sleep depravation from a night of insomnia or a long day at work, do to your metabolism. 

Pair the Lumen with your insights and develop the intel to know what to eat, when and begin the process of never dieting again

I’ve been using the protocol for almost 2 years now and I’m loving what I’m seeing when folks commit to learning about themselves.

The stories you tell yourself about your metabolism and weight are just stories. 

These tales can be re-written. 

You have to be open to the possibility that everything you ever knew about dieting could be BS…

…and you have to be willing to take the time to reflect and listen to the stories you tell yourself and why. 

The more you dive inward on your relationship with food, the more you will uncover about yourself. 

The secret lies in being open to not treating a diet or the metabolic reset like another diet.

Treat it as an experiment and a journey into getting to know yourself better. 

When you change anything up in life there are always lessons to be learned if you observe your thoughts, emotions and the behavioral patterns that follow. 

If you’re struggling with your metabolism and you’re sick of being on the diet rollercoaster, consider taking a new approach. 

You can do it without following a diet and use the Lumen instead. 

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I hope that this blog entry inspires you to take a step toward learning more about the amazing powers you have within you and ending the dieting merry-go-round for good!

Here’s to your last diet,

Dr. J

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