When Jake from Troop functional mushroom company told me this I was shocked!

Jake Mellman, co-founder of Troop struggled with anxiety and insomnia for years.

Till he teamed up with his cousin Stephanie Moyal and co-founder of Troop functional mushroom gummies.

After experimenting with various mushrooms from lion’s mane, reishi, turkey tail and more he realized that one mushroom helped with his biggest complaints!

Reishi mushroom aka Ganoderma lucidium fits in the category of an adaptogen. 

Adaptogens help support you with what you need at a given time.

I consider this group of herbs and mushrooms to be “smart” plant medicines. 

They just know what you need. 

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Jake tapped into this plant intelligence and discovered a way to take the reishi throughout the day to calm his anxiety and support his sleep. 

Turns out Troop’s Super Troop blend with reishi, lion’s mane, chaga, turkey tail and cordyceps helps his anxiety during the day.

Pure reishi is his go-to for warding off insomnia at night. 

Prior to talking to Jake and Steph I had never thought of reishi mushrooms for sleep!

With melatonin causing so many to feel groggy I’m always on the hunt for alternative sleep support. 

Reishi is not just for sleep it has benefits for your immune system, calming the nervous system and more!

And in case you’re wondering, it will not get you high!

Functional mushrooms are just like the mushrooms you put on your pizza, in sauces and soup… 

… but they happen to be fortified by nature!

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I recently interviewed Jake and Steph from Troop on my podcast and I learned a lot about their company and sourcing of mushrooms for their products. 

These two cousins are on a mission to make a difference and create community using their mushroom gummies. 

An incredible amount of thought has gone into the creation of the cleanest gummy I’ve yet to see on the market. 

Gummies without all the artificial dyes and sugars that calm anxiety and help with sleep?

Yes please!

Reduced anxiety, better sleep, kick the early AM wake ups and not be groggy?

I’m in!

Steph and Jake were kind enough to give my podcast listeners a discount code to try Troop – here it is – code: Healthfix20 for 20% off your order. 

Here’s to quality sleep,

Dr. J

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