Seems like every week there’s a new superfood powder just waiting to be dumped into your smoothie or coffee. 

While I’m not opposed to getting these in when veggies aren’t your thing.

I do have to wonder if there’s a more powerful way to get your antioxidants.

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Most of these powders have added fake sugars that are processed, can mess with your blood sugar and your gut health. 

I get it, choking down super foods powders without sweeteners or flavoring agents is like yanking a fistful of grass, roots and all, out of your yard and taking a bite.

Not my idea of tasty!

Over the last few years I’ve been on a mission to get back to basics with health. 

I believe the natural wellness industry has complicated things to the point that many are overwhelmed and confused when it comes to their health.

And I’m no angel on is this either. 

I’m just like you…

…I hear about something, get jazzed up and get let down.

The good news for you?

I won’t promote the let downs but I will tell you what works and doesn’t.

Closing in on 18 years of trial and error as a doc, it’s clear the wellness industry is mirroring the medical industry. 

It’s gone after the new shiny objects and left the old stand by’s behind.

Iodine and hydrogen are prime examples of “old school” medicine.

They are simple elements with a lot of research backing their benefits.

Conventional medicine demonizes iodine but uses it in the form of Betadine as an antiseptic prior to surgical procedures.

Iodine has been used in the conventional medical realm before there were distinguishing labels between naturopathic doctors and medical doctors.

If you go to any museum that has displays of medicine bottles from prior to Alexander Fleming’s discovery of Penicillin in 1945…

…you’ll see bottles of things like iodine, castor oil and magnesium.

What is it about iodine that gives it such an antioxidant effect?

The type of iodine matters.

Many products on the market are being sold as iodine bound to another molecule, like potassium to form potassium iodide.

Or povidone iodine, the main ingredient in CoFix Rx, the nasal spray that I use every time I travel and see patients to keep the infectious critters at bay.

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I love the nasal spray and attribute it to why I haven’t been sick since 2019.

Povidone iodine is an amazing antimicrobial externally and internally as a nasal spray.

In my research on iodine, I have come to the conclusion that the singular iodine molecules may be the best option for antioxidant boosting, thyroid health and metabolism. 

Iodine in nature is monoatomic, or one molecule of iodine, that’s it.

A recent interview with Sara Banta of Accelerated Health (listen in HERE) sparked my renewed interest in the types of iodine.

If you’ve been following me for a while she may sound familiar.

I interviewed her a few years ago, tried her iodine then and found it to be helpful (listen in to episode 139 HERE).

But I went after shinier objects. 

And here I am full circle. 

Singular molecules of iodine absorb ionizing radiation on a mitochondrial level to protect your DNA inside your cell’s nucleus from radiation damage. 

Iodine has the following benefits…

  • antimicrobial – virus, parasite, mold, you name it
  • antihistamine
  • mucus thinner
  • hydrates cells
  • detoxes bromide, chloride and fluoride out of the body
  • metabolism and energy booster
  • crucial element for optimal thyroid function
  • booster of mood and brain health

What is interesting about iodine is that deficiencies of it are directly related to brain health too. 


I also learned something huge in my iodine exploration…

…I was wrong about iodine allergies. 

If you have an allergy to seafood you are not necessarily allergic to iodine.

And if you’ve had an allergic reaction to iodine contrast dye, it’s not likely that you are actually allergic to iodine, the singular molecule.

The reaction was likely due to what was bound to the iodine or how it interacted in the body. 

I’m working to contact everyone in my practice that I know has reacted negatively to iodine in the past…

… so if you’re reading this and I didn’t contact  you – let’s talk!

Research shows humans need a little iodine, especially for it’s ability to help with metabolism and detox of the cells. 

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What’s the minimum dosage?

It depends.

150 mcg a day of iodine is a good starting place.

If you’re sensitive to herbs, supplements or medications it may be best to start at 75 mcg or lower and ramp up.

This is why I love the liquid vs capsule versions of iodine. 

What’s the best source of iodine?

Iodine from South America appears to be the cleanest option.

With Japanese iodine sources, it’s important to think about the contamination from Fukushima.

How do you know where your iodine is coming from?

Great question…you have to call the company and ask them. 

I’m currently going back through the companies I’ve recommended to clients and figuring out where they are sourcing iodine.

Since iodine has the ability to detox radiation, yet it can be contaminated with radiation, it creates an interesting conundrum. 

Hence my second look at Acceleradine iodine and it’s efficacy. 

What did I notice from Acceleradine?

  • a boost in energy
  • feeling less puffy overall
  • no PMS or breast pain prior to periods

I typically use iodine to keep estrogen in check during peri-menopausal hormone swings and in elevated inflammatory estrogen situations.

And I also use it for men who have elevated levels of estrogen, especially in cases of testosterone replacement therapy. 

It’s also possible that a little iodine can help get you past a weight loss plateau.

Please don’t mistake this for a miracle weight loss element – it is not that at all. 

But it does have a way to help keep estrogen in balance…

…while it supports thyroid function. 

With a rise in hypothyroidism and metabolic issues with age, I do think it’s something to have on board as part of your daily regimen.

Along with magnesium!

I recently posted on Instagram about magnesium, iodine and breath work – my go to combo now for…

  • hormone balancing
  • circulation
  • metabolism
  • getting into parasympathetic mode more often

While magnesium isn’t an antioxidant, it works well with iodine to help maintain balance in the body. 

Hydrogen, is an element that I haven’t talked about for it’s antioxidant effect. 

I recently interviewed Craig Smith from Holy Hydrogen, a company that makes hydrogen producing infused gas and water. (Listen in HERE)

Until my interview with Craig I never thought about hydrogen as an antioxidant. 

But it makes sense when you see the testimonials about using the gas and water.

Hydrogen has been show to reverse chronic health conditions like…

  • eczema and psoriasis
  • fatigue
  • IBS
  • pain

What do all the above conditions have in common?

Low antioxidant status.

One thing is certain about chronic illness, it’s related to poor antioxidant status and low cell electrical signaling.

If your charge is down, your health and vitality will be lowered too!

A single molecule of Iodine has a negative charge.

Hydrogen is positive as is magnesium. 

These different charges allow them to move across your cells and take action.

I talk a lot about circulation and electrolytes.

What I’m getting at is a concept of adequate cell hydration.

When your cells do not have adequate water (two hydrogens and an oxygen) and salt (sodium and chloride) they cannot create clean fuel within your mitochondria (those factories that make energy in your cells). 

Drinking hydrogen infused water and breathing hydrogen gas can help hydrate your cells by increasing their voltage and hydration.

Aka – reviving your cells!

Iodine works with oxygen in your cells to convert to water to further hydrate the cells and get them out of a cycle of converting glucose to alcohol and then carbon dioxide in the mitochondria.

You want your cells to be as efficient as possible and keep recycling clean fuel versus building up carbon dioxide that leads to an acidic body.

I plan to purchase a Lourdes Hydrofix Hydrogen gas and water machine as I would like to see the effect of it with iodine, magnesium and breath work while using the machine. 

The patients of mine that have the Lourdes Hydrofix have had improvement in their skin and overall vitality. 

It’s impressive!

If you’re open to learning more on about the effect of hydrogen on the body – check out my podcast with Craig Smith, HERE

And if you decide you’d like a machine there’s a code for $100 off – DOCTORJ

On Wednesday I’ll be sharing client stories of using iodine – side effects, benefits and more – stay tuned!

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

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