Rituals give you permission to slow down and get into chill mode.

Short on time, scroll to my “Herbal Teas Guide” at the end of this email. 

Coffee aficionados often share their intricate steps to making the perfect brew…

…only to run out the door with their to go cup!

After all those steps, I’d think sitting down to sip on it would be lovely to do every day, not just to savor for the weekends!

It’s not uncommon for me to see clients with extremely elevated cortisol levels in the morning.

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Because humans have a phenomenon of waking up thinking…

… about their to-do list and how overwhelming and busy their day is going to be.

And if you’re not busy you have aches, pains, you’re grumpy and you’re not sure why. 

Your first thoughts of the day, tune your vibration for the day, just like a radio. 

What station would you like to be tuned to all day every day?

No one wants to intentionally feel stressed or keep that vibe going all day. 

How do you break the cycle?

  • You tell yourself a different story to change your thoughts each morning.
  • And you have all the time in the world to get all of that to-do list done.
  • Yes, the day may be long, yes you’re busy but time is on your side.
  • Or you acknowledge your aches, pains and mood and you take a few moments to note that they do not have to be the vibe you tune into today.
  • Take time to ease into your day

Before you argue with me, ponder this…your thoughts are just thoughts, not fact.

You have the ability to change what you think and perceive in your mind to be true.

What if you planned time outs for yourself during the day to sit and sip?

Would life seem to flow at a slower pace?

I truly believe so. 

What if you sipped on something with a medicinal benefit for you?

Bonus points!

Slowing down to chill + tea sipping = best cortisol lowering and health boosting combo I can think of on earth!

This week I interviewed Jenny Tse, tea aficionado and owner of Sipping Streams Tea Company in Fairbanks, Alaska.

She’s geeked out on tea for almost 2 decades and she just expanded her online tea courses with her Universi -Tea, click HERE to check it out. 

Jenny taught me that herbal teas are actually called tisanes not tea!

The “tea” designation is used for beverages made with leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant. 

That’s your white, black, green, Oolong and Pur-eh types of teas. 

Tisanes are one of the foundations of herbal medicine and the first thing I learned in naturopathic doctor (ND) school.

At the Washington State Bastyr campus, the ND school I attended, there’s an amazing herb garden.

That was my favorite place on campus to watch herbs grow into medicine. 

And it was my inspiration to grow as many herbs as possible in my home and now my greenhouse!

Perhaps I can inspire you to throw a few of these plants into a pot to grow in your home or outdoors. 

And depending on your soil quality and where you live, you could get some growing in the ground that will come back every year. 

Keep in mind, plants pull their nutrition from air, water and soil.

What’s in the plant’s environment will be transferred to you. 

This is why sourcing of herbs is so vitally important when it comes to your herbal medicines.

And if you grow them yourself, you know exactly what they’ve been exposed to. 

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What types of herbs can you grow at home?

  • Leafy – lemon balm, mints, lemon verbena, oregano, thyme, basil, calendula, sage, borage, rosemary, hyssop, parsley, holy basil (Tulsi), water hyssop (Brahmi)
  • Flowers – rose, chamomile, hibiscus, lavender, purple coneflower (echinacea), yarrow
  • Fruits – berries, peach, apple, cherry, pear (add flavoring and antioxidants)
  • Seeds/Spices – fennel, anise, caraway (all great for improving digestion & curbing gas, bloating and stomach pain)

Where do you get your seeds for these plants?

True Leaf Market is one of my favorite online seed shops – click HERE to see them.

Etsy has a bunch of folks to choose from like My Seed Cellar and Seed Geeks.

What herbs are best for anxiety, stress & overwhelm?

lemon balm, rose, lavender, holy basil, chamomile

What herbs help with sleep?

lemon balm, lavender, holy basil, sage, lemon verbena, chamomile

What herbs help with immune support?

echinacea, yarrow, sage, thyme, oregano

What herbs help with circulation and decrease swelling?

parsley, hibiscus, rosemary, basil, borage

What’s best for digestion?

fennel, caraway, anise

For hormone support I prefer blended teas as some of the ingredients are difficult to grow unless you have a greenhouse year round!

Check out Fusionary Formulas “Deep Sleep Blend” and “Hormone Rebalance Tea” – click HERE.

Stress + Overwhelm or hot flashes?  “Hot flashes Tea” from Mountain Rose Herbs- click HERE

Anxiety + Overwhelm – “Wise Woman Tea” from Mountain Rose Herbs – click HERE

Everyday hormone support – Women’s Balancing Tea – click HERE 

Looking for companies that have blended teas or powders?

Bush Berry Tea Company 
Sipping Streams 
Erbology – herbal powders – enter “Jannine15” for 15% off

When is the best time to drink herbal tea?

Because herbal tisane (teas) do no have caffeine in them you can drink them throughout the day.

Get curious about yourself and find the times you’re most rushed during the day or feel the most overwhelmed.

How could you give yourself a few minutes to send the “all is ok” message to your body?

  • Sleep support teas are best 2 hours before bed -to allow for bathroom time and the sleep inducing effect
  • Stress teas – drink prior to or when you are most stressed during the day to get a 2:1 chill break during the day
  • Hormone balancing teas – if you’re still cycling day 14 to the start of your period is often the best time to help put your hormones in check. No cycle? It’s great to sip every day. 

Keep an open mind, herbal blending is an art and sometimes you have to play with different combinations to find your sweet spot. 

Have fun and enjoy the process of finding your chill!

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

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