Have you been watching your peers get featured in top podcasts, websites, magazines, TV shows, or as guests in prestigious programs and wondered, “How on earth do they do it?” 

It might feel like they’re part of some secret club you didn’t get an invite to. 

Well… here’s the invite you’ve been waiting for! 

My mentor Selena Soo has a powerful program – Impacting Millions for anyone who has ever dreamed of reaching more people (hundreds, thousands, or even millions), and I’m giving you VIP access! 

Selena is a leading publicity expert and 7-figure business mentor, so it’s no wonder that people often say this is one of the best online courses they’ve ever experienced. 

I’ve taken it myself and scored multiple podcast interviews and online articles after going through it. 

The information is so valuable – I’m still using the principles I learned today!

Check out what’s inside Impacting Millions Self-Study – HERE:

⭐ 7 publicity training modules to get you every kind of media you could want: podcasts, online articles, print magazines, TV interviews, and guest speaking. (Value = $2,997)

⭐ The Impacting Millions Resource Bank with 50+ resources, including winning pitches, pitch templates and checklists to save you time and get results fast. (Value = $997)

⭐ The Impacting Millions Media Database with 700+ editor, magazine, and podcast emails right at your fingertips. (Value = $1,500)

… and so much more.

Ready to make a world changing impact? 

If you’d love to start getting big time publicity for your business, then don’t let this invite pass you by! 

I’m Ready!

Thriving in your career is vital to your health!

Ditch the worry, fear and frustration of being invisible in your business.

The world needs your expertise! 

Here’s to your whole body health & wealth,

Dr. J

P.S. Know someone else who’d love a VIP invite to a program that can help them land the publicity of their dreams? Get them in the loop and pass this email on (with a little note from you) to share the love!

Jannine Krause

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