There’s only so much holiday music you can listen to the day after Thanksgiving. 

When you find yourself looking for something different, I have 2 suggestions for you!

I recently did an interview on probiotics, hormones and the holidays with Natasha Trenev, the owner of Natren Probiotics.

She’s a wealth of knowledge and brings an intriguing perspective to the probiotic industry. 

Listen in to my interview with Natasha on Youtube – HERE.

Did you know that one plant based salve can replace the majority of your over the counter topicals in your first aid kit?

Jodi Scott, co-owner and CEO of Green Goo, Good Goo and Southern Butter shares how her products are being used by athletes, the military and even John’s Hopkin’s Scleroderma and Skin Conditions Department. 

If you’ve ever wondered if plant based topical products really work and how they stack up against other products on the market…click HERE.

And if you’re searching for a specific topic you’d like to learn, chances are in my over 400 podcast episodes there’s something in there for you.

You can find my podcasts anywhere you get your podcasts or on my website HERE

Happy Holiday Season!

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

Jannine Krause

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