Last time I attempted to do my own makeup for an event I looked like a 5 year old that busted into her Mom’s makeup drawer.

I should have clued into friends saying my new look was “different” for me. 

But I was proud I tried to put make-up on and felt like I was a bit more glamorous!

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When I caught a glimpse of myself in the Broadway-like bright lights around the bathroom mirror I was horrified.

One cheek was more blushed than the other and at a higher level than the other. 

My eyebrow “cream” was creeping beyond my eyebrows and down toward the bridge of my nose.

That’s what you get when you do your makeup in the rear view mirror while sitting in the parking lot outside of the event. 

I was trying!

And I felt a little boost in confidence…at least my mascara wasn’t like I attached tarantula legs to my eyelids! 

Yes, that’s happened, no tarantulas were harmed, just my eyelashes from the old dry hadn’t been used in months mascara.

Since that episode I vowed never to wear make up again…unless someone taught me what to do. 

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The stars must have aligned when I met Hollywood makeup artist Helen Marray Finlay last fall. 

She introduced me to her incredibly hydrating facial moisturizer – Finlay + Green (check it out HERE) and she is now going to teach me how to apply makeup for aging skin!

It’s said as you get older the diet and workout you did in your 20’s doesn’t work the same for you in your 40’s +.

I believe the same is true for your makeup. 

That is if you ever wore much makeup in the first place (speaking about me of course).

On my last podcast with Helen she was talking about cream styles of eye shadow vs powder.

And using a light foundation vs a thicker one. 

The goal being finding things to work with your current skin status.

I’m guessing you’ve heard there are things to do.

Maybe you’ve watched how-to Youtube videos…

…I haven’t seen many women under 30 do make-up videos online (maybe I’m missing something…)

At this age – I want someone who knows what to do with older skin, can teach basics and throw in a little party tricks too!


Even though I’m a Tomboy at heart – I do believe a little make-up and the right outfit can go a long way…

…If you have the confidence to put the make-up on and the create the look. 

A good friend of mine introduced me to Nordstrom’s styling service a while back and I’ve never looked back. 

You can have someone put outfits together for you – no guessing what will look good and defaulting to solid colors every time – game changer. 

I digress…back to confidence and make-up – I’m here for it!

On Thursday May 30th 5p PST/8p ET Helen and I are hosting a masterclass where she’s going to cover how to prep your skin and make-up for summer!   🌟-> Register HERE <-🌟


  • The secret to having glowing skin all summer
  • Make-up application tips to accent your best assets
  • Tricks to keep your skin and make-up looking fresh for hours
  • Must have skin hydrating products for travel
  • Preventing burns without sunscreen
  • Tips for simplifying your beauty and skin care routine

And so much more!

Helen has built her reputation on helping actors look great in any weather or climate condition.

This gal has skills!

I can’t wait to hear her tips!

Over the next few months I’ll be doing a bit more of these types of masterclasses to help cover the confidence and energy boosting needed as bodies are changing.

I’m all in on suggestions – hit reply to make one.

Getting older can have you feeling like something hijacked your body. 

If you’re not feeling good in your skin – let’s change that! 

One thing I do know is a little makeup can boost your confidence to help you feel good in your skin!

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Join Helen and I on Thursday or watch the replay – RSVP now to join us!

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

PS: I’m also speaking in the Power of Just One Mini Masterclass Series starting tomorrow – 28 women giving their best tips on health, wellness 7 personal development – it’s free – click HERE to sign up and for more info!

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