I despise that inactive ingredients do not have to listed on medications and processed foods can have a 20% margin of error on labels. 

Yes, you read that right. 

And when it comes to pharmaceuticals and even supplements – “inactive” ingredients do not all have to be listed!

This is a serious issue that I see in my office daily. 

People are taking supplements, medications and eating foods that are causing chronic irritation despite their best efforts to eat as healthy and clean as possible. 

This is exactly WHY I do my podcast – I get access to the owners of the supplement and product companies and find out what they are up to. 

I turn down pitches for shady companies every day and sometimes I don’t put out podcasts I record because of what I learn in the interviews. 

Just because something says “natural” is sold in a health food store or “Whole Paycheck” (aka Whole Foods) carries it doesn’t mean it’s exempt from the 20% margin of error and not listing “inactive” ingredients. 

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If you’re struggling with your weight, gut issues, chronic inflammation and you really are doing “all the things” to live as healthy as possible it may be time to look into anything you have with a label. 

The Yuka app is my go to in decoding label madness. 

They do not give me any money to promote them – seriously, this is the only app till now that will tell you if there are issues with foods, hygiene products and more.

For supplements – you want to find out who owns the company first. 

If you trace it back to a big company, ex: Nestle -yes, they’ve expanded beyond chocolate. 

You want to put that supplement on a “suspect” list.

Granted when Nestle bought Pure Encapsulations I was really worried but they haven’t messed with things that I or my patients can tell.

If you bought your supplement in a grocery store, pharmacy or on Amazon based on price not on a doctor’s recommendation. 

It may be suspect.

I brought Amy K Wilson back on my podcast to talk about pharmaceutical labeling, after all she’s a pharmacist, and she had some interesting feedback on the truth in labeling issues. 

Pharmacists are great resource because they hear to more candid feedback on medications compared to most doctors. 

They know a lot more about medications and interactions than your doctor will ever know. 

And if they are a nutrition coach and pharmacist – that’s a powerful duo!

As a pharmacist, Amy K. Wilson has the background to decode effects of what “inactive” ingredients in medications, such as the top food allergens can do to the metabolism. 

Nothing is more frustrating than watching a patient do everything to get healthy but something is holding them back. 

Becoming a detective when it comes to what you put in your body is a crucial skill to have. 

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Pharmacists can be incredibly helpful, especially compounding pharmacists!

If you’re in Tacoma, Washington – Union Ave Compounding is the place to go – Kim, Gina & Monique are gems,  Big Sky Specialty Compounding in Kalispell, Montana, Innovative Compounding Pharmacy Folsom, California and MDCustom Rx in Brookfield, Wisconsin are also my go-to’s). 

Best time to get to know your pharmacist?

Weekday mid-morning 10-11a or mid-afternoon, after their lunch breaks when it’s a little slower in the pharmacy and take a few minutes to ask your burning questions. 

My second podcast with Amy K Wilson is out and you can listen HERE or watch on Youtube if you prefer – HERE

Having a connection with a pharmacist is worth it’s weight in gold if you have some meds you’re on and want to ditch them or have to stay on them.

Either way they can help you sleuth out these little things that make big impacts!

Plus it gives you a basis for talking points to present your concerns to your doctor. 

In case you’re wondering, Amy K Wilson does do health coaching. 

She uses a platform called the FasterWay to weight loss as a base of her program and she’s combining her skills as a pharmacist and nutrition coach. 

So if you’re on multiple medications, you want to be free of them, get healthy and drop some weight – she’s the one to consider!

Click HERE to get more information about Amy K Wilson’s programs. 

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

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