An inflamed brain is a depressed, anxious, frazzled and overwhelmed brain. 

How do brains become inflamed?

Stress causes leaky gut and brain barriers leading to build up of toxins in the brain.

At the same time varying degrees of long term cortisol elevations mess with brain to body communication. 

Signals become compromised and eventually the body struggles to release adequate amounts of cortisone to counter cortisol’s inflammation producing response. 

With all the modern medical advances, why hasn’t the code been cracked on stress?

Because artificial intelligence hasn’t figured out how to control your thoughts and have you give them meaning. 

You are in control of these 24/7.

You’ve been wired by society, your parents, teachers, coaches and others to have certain thoughts…

…and the well-meaning folks in your life weren’t in control of how you interpreted your thoughts and gave them meaning.

A client of mine, Katherine is an example of this phenomenon.

Her relationship with her Mom isn’t stellar.

Each time she visits her Mom, she’s triggered by her Mom’s comments.

To the point that she gets anxiety every time she has to visit her.

Which then affects her entire life at home.

Mental stress causes anxiety that often turns to depression.

The longer anxiety wears on you, the more depleted your glands that make cortisol (adrenal glands) become. 

Have you ever noticed when you’re feeling anxious, depressed or in a mood, you don’t feel good physically?

Your mental stress is is like a bear taking swipes at you all day.

It has the potential to get you stuck in fight or flight mode.

Katherine, experienced this with fatigue, anxiety, and hormone imbalances.

It even started to mess with her thyroid function.

Bio-identical hormones seemed to help a little but weren’t solving the issue.

Some supplements helped and others gave her side effects.

It wasn’t until we started to work on tapping (EFT) and breath work that she was able to calm her brain down, regain focus and her energy.

The last we talked she was feeling better and her energy kept improving.

Stress isn’t something you can treat and be done with.

It requires daily maintenance.

While, that may seem like a daunting task…

I invite you to explore some of the techniques I’ve mentioned over the last few weeks to help with stress resetting. 

  • EFT tapping
  • Breath work – breathing through your nose
  • Vibration Therapy – tuning forks, sound frequencies, vibrating tooth brush techniques (see my Instagram). 

Stress is the common link to all health issues as it’s what causes the inflammation response to become out of balance.

While everyone is talking about it – no one is giving concrete solutions.

Let’s change that! 

If you know someone that needs to hear about the impact of stress on their health please share these emails or suggest for them to join my email list. 

Life is too short to not enjoy it!

Stop looking for solutions outside of you – the answer lies within.

You have the ability to choose how you feel every day.

Steer clear of things or people that lower your vibe (The news for example…)

Take an assessment of your habits and routines, what gives you joy, stresses you out or depresses you?

Work to change what’s not working and gravitate toward what works for you.

The better you choose to feel the less inflamed your brain will be because your nervous system will not sense impending threats coming to you. 

And the more you prioritize putting yourself in chill mode, the better you’ll feel over time. 

It all starts with making the choice to feel good and doing what feels good to get you there.

Be selfish with your time and energy.

Take it one day at a time.

What used to overwhelm you, you’ll breeze through.

Depression won’t seem to hang like a cloud over you. 

Choose to live above or outside of the things in society that can bring you down.

Here’s to choosing to feel good every day!

Share this with someone that will benefit from hearing this message!

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

Jannine Krause

Get back to your wild, active, vibrant self

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