40-60% of women will struggle with insomnia over 40. 

No wonder there are so many supplements for sleep! 

Melatonin is not my go-to.

I rarely find melatonin deficiency…

…plus – so many people feel groggy with it. 

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I tend to recommend nervous system chilling sleep aids with a little melatonin or sometimes none. 

“Cortisol Manager” by Integrative Therapeutics and “Insomnitol” by Designs for Health have always been good stand by products. 

As Devin Burke, my podcast guest on Saturday indicated, chronic insomnia is a thought process issue. 

Your thoughts can boost cortisol – especially if they are anxious or fearful in nature. 

It’s common to become hyper-focused on why you aren’t sleeping. 

Sleep becomes another source of stress. 

The body connects your thoughts around sleep to “danger”. 

And it becomes “unsafe to sleep” – wild right?

This is why cortisol and nerve calming are key in sleep protocols. 

Why is sleep an issue as you get older?


A stressed nervous system creates a cortisol and blood sugar roller coaster.

Blood sugar highs and lows further fuel the body’s stress response and interfere with quality sleep. 

It’s no wonder sleep is deeply tied into your nervous system. 

Here’s a list of what works for sleep support:

  • Progesterone or wild yam if deficient (even men can benefit)
  • Blue light blocking glasses
  • Wind down routine – off screens 1-2 hours before bed
  • Nervous system calming breathing with fascial work
  • Cooling sheets for temperature control
  • Minimalistic decor in bedroom
  • Black out curtains
  • No-tech in bedroom
  • L-theanine and/or ashwagandha at night
  • Topical magnesium – Living The Good Life Naturally (HEALTHFIX for $ off)
  • Essential Oil Blends – Campo Beauty
  • Cutting off negative thoughts when you can’t sleep
  • Get out of bed when not sleeping

You do not need to do everything on the list. 

Try things out.

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Find what works and go with it. 

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

PS:  I switched up my podcast – Wednesdays are solo podcasts with me delivering tips, tricks and what I’ve seen in my practice to be beneficial when it comes to the topics discussed on the podcast.

Last Saturday – Devin Burke was on my podcast talking all about thoughts & sleep! Click ->✳️HERE✳️<- to listen in

Tomorrow on my podcast and in my email I’ll be diving into sleep, thoughts about sleep and what to do when you keep waking up in the early morning! Stay tuned!

Jannine Krause

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