In 2021 my Dad had swallowing issues preventing him from eating regular meals.

His solution was to drink Miller Lite for calories.

That didn’t work out for him.

I moved home to intervene and keep tabs on him to this day!

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In 2009 he had his thyroid removed due to cancer – the same year he had a quad by-pass surgery for his heart. 

A lot for the body and a lot of scar tissue. 

Scar tissue prevents the fascia from working properly – I’ll get back to that in a minute.

Growing up my Dad was always complaining about pain in the front of his neck and feeling like his throat was constricted.

He’d have swallowing issues from time to time but nothing like 2021 episodes. 

As an open wheel dirt track race car driver since the age of 18 with many end over end crazy accidents it wasn’t uncommon for him to complain of aches and pains – especially in the neck. 

On a visit home in early 2009 while working on his neck I realized his thyroid was lumpy and enlarged. 

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It felt like a lot of the tissue I’d felt around the neck and continue to feel this day.

Full of fluid (medical term is boggy), with enlarged lymph nodes and a taught restriction over the entire area – signs of chronic inflammation.

Acute Inflammation = heat, swelling, pain, redness.

Chronic Inflammation is often swelling and pain with some heat or redness that may come and go OR not show up at all.

My theory is there’s an initial “injury” to an area to get the body to provoke an inflammation response for it to be resolved or go chronic.

So…what was the initial “injury” and what’s keeping the inflammation around?

In my Dad’s case – he’s worked on machinery all his life, smoked for 20 years when younger and recalls the most toxic thing he did was use a specific varnish on his sailboat when repairing it. 

Interesting side note – the guy who co-owned the boat with him and was varnishing it with him also had thyroid cancer.

Initial injuries to set off a chronic inflammatory response that impacts the fascial tissue can be anything from…

  • toxic exposures
  • food/environmental allergens
  • infections
  • neck injuries
  • dental infections
  • emotional sources of not speaking up/voicing your desires/opinions

For every ailment in the body there is an emotional connection…

…and this may be the driver behind why the certain injury goes chronic. 

The work of Louise Hay is fascinating in this realm and something to take into consideration.

In the case of thyroids – the main emotional connection is not speaking up for yourself and not speaking your truth. 

There’s a lot to unpack there for anyone, my Dad included.

My Dad’s father died when he was around 9 or 10. 

His Mom abandoned him and his 2 siblings and they surfed couches of family members and friends till they were old enough to be self sufficient. 

From being homeless to living in a back room of a gas station in his teen’s – I’m sure there are lots of emotional components to my Dad’s issues. 

In cases of autoimmune thyroid conditions like Hashimoto’s and Graves – I believe the inflammation in the neck went beyond the initial injury and became chronic. 

And one of the factors for the inflammation going chronic is because of the fascial tissue not being addressed. 

Likely the fascial tissue wrapping around the neck was restricted first then the thyroid condition ensued because the thyroid was starved of electrolytes, hydration and nutrients for signaling and detox. 


Many clients of mine have reversed their thyroid conditions BUT those that have not – I’m wondering if there’s a fascial connection.

I’m working on pairing a few of Anna Rahe’s techniques (GST body – my podcast guest this week) paired with my pal Julia Blackwell’s to see if there’s something to this thyroid-fascial thing.

Don’t worry you’ll be the first to see my videos to test them out!

Tomorrow I’m going to round out my series on fascia with my theory on chronic gut issues and mixed connective tissue disease markers showing up in clients!

Stay tuned.

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Here’s to your fascial health,

Dr. J

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