Brandy Gillmore spent 8 years in chronic pain after an accident left her in a wheelchair. 

That all changed when she learned to adjust how she perceived her pain. 

A born skeptic, Brandy is showing her technique works and elicits change in the body by using thermographic imaging to show heat before and after mind work sessions.

Is pain really “all in your head”?

When there’s not an immediate injury and threat to life present, yes it is – in a way – let me explain. 

Long after an initial injury your body has the ability to recall where you’ve been injured and cause it to ache.

Whether it’s predicting storms or feeling that area after a hard workout, gardening or outdoor adventure. 

Your body knows every area that’s ever had an injury. 

It also knows where it decided to store emotions from negative experiences. 

Think of all of those areas as smoldering fires in the body just waiting to pop off. 

These areas are directly connected from body to brain and vice versa. 

All it took was one injury or big emotional response.

Wiring was created. 

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Increase in pain or symptoms and wiring was reinforced and made stronger. 

Thoughts increased about the injury or incident and boom more signaling using that wiring.

Forget about the injury or incident and the brain doesn’t use that wiring. 

Is it still there?

Yes – always.

The idea – stop the thoughts when the brain tries to use the pathway associated with pain or specific incidents.

Train yourself to forget it ever happened.

This is where the work comes in and becomes life changing.

Brandy discovered that she could tap into her body’s endocannabinoid system, the system that’s famous for being stimulated by marijuana BUT has more to do with neuro-chemicals like dopamine than weed.

It’s been proven that you can make your own neurochemicals and stimulate your endocannabinoid system – (click HERE to read a fascinating study on exercise and endocannabinoids that highlights this phenomenon.) 

What’s tricky is being able to train yourself to produce neuro-chemicals to relieve pain. 

This is where folks like Brandy come in with their techniques and training to guide you along the way. 

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You can help your body forget about chronic pains, issues and incidents that have been ruled out as non-life threatening. 

Mystery illnesses, autoimmune conditions and other trauma associated conditions can be put in the past.

It requires work to use new wiring pathways in the brain and to make them your new thoughts that you repeat in your head. 

Can you get rid of the old wiring completely?

No, it will always be there.

There will be challenges and triggers that attempt to bring up the old thoughts.

Over time they will become few and far between. 

This is why with anything it’s key to understand that health requires maintenance. 

Look how easy it is to get out of clean eating patterns after a vacation!

Routine practice is key. 

Pain, hormones, metabolism, and aging – it’s all a continuum.

Ever changing and evolving. 

The key is to find solutions to keep adapting to life’s challenges. 

If you’re ready to try a new approach to your health issues  – working on your thought process is where I recommend starting. 

I invite you to stop chasing the next hot supplement, program or device that promises it will solve all your health issues. 

Red light therapy is only as effective as the thought process of the person using it. 

Same goes with anything else you’re using to support your health. 

If the thoughts aren’t being addressed nothing will work to it’s fullest capacity. 

And you’ll keep chasing thing after thing.

You are in control of your thoughts, no one can take that from you. 

What would you like to think about for the rest of your life?

Open to exploring the thought and emotion connection to pain and chronic illness?  Listen in to my podcast with Brandy Gillmore – HERE.

Here’s to happy healthy thoughts,

Dr. J

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