3 clients last week said they felt like a switch flipped and they lost their motivation to do anything but lay in bed all day.

In each case, it was a day begging for you to get out and enjoy it with the sun shining and birds joyfully singing.

To them it felt like a gray steady rain foggy day in the middle of November in the Pacific Northwest. 

What gives?

Is this normal as you get older?

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Could it be hormones, neuro-chemicals, depression?

As you get older your levels of dopamine can decline.

Especially, if you’re not making optimal levels of hydrochloric acid to break down protein.

And even more so if you’re not eating sufficient protein.

If you’re not breaking down protein or eating enough you aren’t able to take in sufficient levels of tyrosine or B6 to convert it to dopamine. 

Another reason to increase your protein intake. 

Your neuro-chemicals are made in your adrenal glands. 

If you’re pushing yourself to the limits with work, training or you’re under a huge amount of stress it’s possible your adrenal glands aren’t able to make enough dopamine. 

Low dopamine can mimic depression with a twist of anxiety.

Here’s the most common low dopamine symptoms:

  • mood swings 
  • anxiety
  • feeling depressed or hopeless
  • forgetful
  • difficulty concentrating
  • withdrawn
  • lack of motivation
  • insomnia
  • not interested in sex or anything you typically enjoy
  • difficulty swallowing
  • constipation
  • persistent back pain

Low dopamine symptoms are often brushed off as “normal aging” and mis-diagnosed as depression or even ADD. 

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When protein intake is not an issue – low dopamine is a result of overwhelm and chronic stress.

This is where adaptogenic herb blends with amino acids can be incredibly helpful. 

My favorite dopamine support product is Dopatone by Apex Energetics.

In the case of supporting the adrenals when you’re really lacking motivation – I use Apex Energetics’s Adaptocrine. 

Click HERE to see my “Low Motivation Booster” protocol that I use for these two products. 

In folks over 40, low levels of pregnenolone, DHEA, estradiol, progesterone and testosterone can contribute to decreased motivation.

HPA Axis herbs can help boost hormone levels naturally – Adaptocrine by Apex Energetics can help with this (it’s in my protocol link above).

Bio-identical hormones can also support mood in many cases.

Keep in mind – hormones and herbs are band-aids – to get you to a point that you’re feeling motivated again.

The underlying component here is something in your lifestyle is depleting your charge, aka your energy. 

You need recharging.

Supplements can get you to a point to start taking care of your needs BUT nothing will change until you assess your lifestyle.

Lack of motivation comes from a primal response to rest and rejuvenate.

Your ancestors could chill in their cave and rejuvenate.

Since that’s not possible with modern day life it’s better to look around and see what’s depleting you.

Where are you overbooked, not loving what you’re doing, what’s not serving you anymore?

How can you change it?

Vacations and spa days are great ways to escape YET you’re going back to your energy sucking life.

Unless – you commit to making a change in how you’re doing life right now.

Lack of motivation is NOT normal aging and will keep showing up. 

It’s is a sign your nervous system is overloaded and asking you to assess your life and what’s bugging you. 

Slow down and take inventory of what’s serving you and what isn’t.

Work to eliminate the things that drain you and seek out the things that make you feel alive.

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Not sure where to go from here – take note of what you’re drawn to, what lights you up…what hobbies, events, things do you geek out on? 

That’s where your motivation is hiding.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, I have a quick tip to reboot your motivation. 

Here’s to your motivation,

Dr. J

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