Brain fog, overwhelm and general depression are signs of an inflamed brain. 

Even ADD can be brain inflammation!

The crazy thing is that your daily thoughts and stories you tell your self might be causing the inflammation. 

Think of it this way – if you’re constantly thinking of a problem you have and ruminating on it with the should’ve, could’ve and would’ve shame blame talk looping in your head you’re signaling a threat is present to your nervous system.

The vagus nerve that senses stress doesn’t know the difference between you being your own worst enemy and a bear after you. 

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And the more you do this the more you stay stuck looping in fight for flight mode.

This chronic stress confuses your vagus nerve, the nerve in charge of regulating inflammation.

Eventually repetitive mind looping reaches a tipping point and the vagus nerve loses it’s tight control of inflammation.

Take a moment to think about this…

…what vices show up when you’re mind isn’t right?

  • drinking alcohol
  • taking drugs
  • smoking
  • eating out more
  • snacking on sweets, treats and junk food

You get the idea.

All things that beat up on your gut.

In my opinion, pretty much every one that’s stressed has a leaky gut and it’s just a matter of time before it turns into leaky brain.

Leaky brain leads to looping thoughts, anxiety and depression along with brain fog and overwhelm.

I’ve been there and I see a lot of you out there trapped in this place too.

In my quest to age well and get my mind right I came upon a process called the Paradox Process.

I liked that the founders were classically trained psychotherapists but that they saw traditional therapy wasn’t giving their clients sustainable results.

Bonus was that they took over a decade to try out all of the therapies out there to land on creating their own. 

What’s even cooler is that the Paradox Process is something that can completely shift you out of what you’re looping on in one session.

I know this because I’ve done it myself!

This week on my podcast, The Health Fix, I interviewed Thomas M Jones, one of the founders of the Paradox Process.

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He’s helped tons of folks over the 40+ years he’s been using his technique and he’s on a mission to help more. 

He offers free live Zoom sessions to test out and learn more about his techniques.

And he has a group of folks that work with him that are amazing, I work with Andrea.

In our podcast interview Thomas runs me back through a session of “affirm clear”.

It’s an aspect of his process to help reset your brain from looping negative thoughts. 

And with a little practice after the session you can keep you brain rewiring too while you work to heal up your leaky gut and brain. 

The biggest challenge I’ve seen in helping clients with chronic gut issues is overcoming the stress impact on the gut. 

You can’t escape life’s stressors but you can change how you react to them and the thoughts you have about them.

The Paradox Process is a quick way to shut down the looping and rabbit holes of despair you go down when your thoughts try to get the best of you.

If you’re sick of being sick and what to end brain inflammation and prevent brain damage this podcast and the Paradox Process are with a look. 

Quick solutions that are sustainable plus save money and time are key when it comes to protecting the health of your nervous system.

Click HERE to listen in to my podcast with Thomas M Jones and share this blog with anyone you think would benefit!

Here’s to preventing brain damage from life’s stress!

Stay tuned for next week where I’ll be diving deeper into keeping your circulation, nerves, and muscles healthy for happy hormones and slowing down the aging process! 

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

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