Each night your body recharges you just like a phone charger.

But what if that charger has a short or the adapter isn’t working properly?

You don’t wake up feeling refreshed.

Or you wake up with 1/2 charge.

Since you can’t replace yourself like a broken charger, what do you do?

Figure out what’s going on with the energy in your bedroom.

Could you be sleeping on a negative energy center in your home?

While this may sound woo woo, hear me out!

It’s possible that you could be experiencing symptoms where there’s negative energy zones in your bedroom.

Because these are the two places you spend most of your time, it’s worth a look into what’s happening there.

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This phenomenon of “negative energy zones” is known as Geopathic stress. 

Geopathic stress is a stress reaction exerted upon the body that can cause illness.

I’d never heard of this until I went to a recent conference.

The presenting doctor talked about case after case of infertility as well as cancer being resolved by changing where you slept to a space of good energy.

Sounds kinda like Feng Shui right?

I imagine it has it’s roots in understanding that the earth that’s under you has different things going on energetically.

Have you ever heard of finding water on a property using dowsing?

Oddly enough, I learned this trick from my Dad, who was an excavator.

I worked for him when I was in high school and part of my job was to find the water sources for wells as well as if there were water sources that may interfere with the digging of basements and sewer lines.

He used two old coat hangers as rods and you held one in each hand and walked around the property till the two hangers crossed.

I’d walk the property and note on the blueprints of the property where the hangers crossed.

He’d take this information and plan accordingly as to how he would dig and reinforce the walls of the basement he was digging so we didn’t have collapse issues. 

Water isn’t considered bad or negative energy per se but it doesn’t exactly allow for optimal sleeping energetics due to it’s effect on electromagnetic fields.

Where water is found it can lead to joint and muscle aches as well as feeling tired in the morning, allergies and frequent dreaming. 

Symptoms can worsen depending on rainy season, snow melt or even earthquakes in the region as all these things impact water flow.

Gaps, cracks or faults in the earth can cause sleep disorders such as night mares, night sweats, extreme fatigue, jaw tension and eye conditions.

Electrosmog, similar to EMF radiation, causes hormone imbalances, sweating, allergies and muscle tension.

All of these alterations in the electromagnetic field impact the function of the autonomic nervous system and can keep you stuck in fight or flight mode.

If the nervous system is stuck for too long due to electromagnetic disturbances damage to organs, degeneration or even cancer may occur. 

Now geopathic stress is only part of the reason why the autonomic nervous system ends up stuck.

Emotional shocks, toxin exposure and low grade chronic infections can also tax the nervous system as well. 

Animals and plants have different reactions to geopathic stress.

Cows won’t eat grass in areas of geopathic stress while cats, ants, bees and flies love them.

Trees will and hedges will not grow well or tilt to grow around them. 

This stress explains why a row of trees all planted in the same year may have 2 that do not grow well or they split or spiral in varying ways.

In the 1930’s Gustav Freiherr Von Pohl examined an entire town for geopathic stress and marked spots he was sure were cancer spots. 

He compared them with the local doctors and all cases where he noted cancer spots there were patients that had cancer that lived in those regions of the town.

Wild stuff!

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In fact, there was quite a bit of research on geopathic stress up until the 1950’s and then it disappeared in exchange for “real science”.

By now you might be thinking that I’ve either went off the deep end or you’re intrigued.

If you’re open to the possibility that geopathic stress could be messing with you, here’s a list of related symptoms…

  • restless sleep
  • nightmares
  • feeling tired in the morning
  • falling out of bed in children
  • bed-wetting
  • muscular cramps and tension
  • joint disorders
  • pains upon waking that get better after moving
  • feeling sleepy during the day
  • symptoms that aren’t improving despite many treatments
  • recurrent symptoms
  • frequent miscarriages in healthy women
  • sterility in healthy men
  • difficulties with concentration and focus

What can you do to test your home?

You could hire a professional dowser to map your home…

Try out muscle testing by swinging your arms gently in front of you to see if your thumbs line up.  

If they do then all is good, if they cross there’s an area of geopathic stress.

Map out where you find your thumbs crossing while you swing them in front of you and move your bed to an area that doesn’t have stress.

Test out a homeopathic called Geovita from Privia Naturals and see if you feel better while using it. (Hit reply if interested as you have to order through a professional).

If you do, you’re likely suffering from geopathic stress.  

The homeopathic won’t solve your sleep issues or fatigue permanently but it will indicate that it’s time to move your bed and assess your home for stress.

I know this is a wild topic and something that I had to share as it has a “what if” factor for me.

If you’re struggling with your sleep or know someone who is and nothing seems to be working, it may be worth it to see if geopathic stress is a factor. 

I’m intrigued by this concept and will be diving deeper into it as I move into learning more about homeopathic remedies that are meant to help give your cells the information they need to re-establish balance in the subconscious mind and nervous system.

Stay tuned for next week where I’ll be sharing some interesting things I’m learning about humans and energy.

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

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