If your mind, hormones, & electrolytes could talk…

They would tell all kinds of tales of what’s contributing to your inflammation.

Sometimes I feel like a priest in a confession booth with clients coming in and repenting their sins. 

“Doc, I had ice cream a few times this summer, and then there was that wood fired pizza, popcorn and the wine, oh and then…”

Life is meant to be lived and it truly is the little things that make a difference!

Indulgences here and there are worth it…

…and thank goodness for the Salt & Straws, Molly Moon’s, Ice Cream Social and every other independent ice cream store out there that I’ve probably been to between Wisconsin and Washington State.

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Plus all the amazing pizza places and every other diner, drive-in, supper club and dive out there that has amazing food. 

Sadly, it’s common to beat yourself up for indulging and that leads the vagus nerve to go into fight or flight mode keeping you inflamed. 

The sympathetic mode drives your body to make more DHEA, which makes either cortisol or testosterone, sometimes both!

Then that testosterone back converts to estrogen and if you’re lucky it doesn’t make a ton of estrone, the inflammatory estrogen. 

This phenomenon happens in men and women!

The longer you get stuck in this mode the more you deplete your sodium, chloride, magnesium and potassium – the electrolytes.

All the nerve firing and muscle contractions that go with the mental rumination end up causing tight muscles, twitching – sometimes of the eye, that’s awkward…

…and in the end fatigue, more mental frustration and heightened sugar or salty snack cravings to keep the inflammation going. 

I invite you not to repent for your “sins” but instead choose elevated versions of your favorite indulgences, as this can lessen the impact on the body. 

Instead of having a scoop of the bucket of discount ice cream that’s loaded with high fructose corn syrup and will lurk in your freezer calling out to you, opt for a scoop of small batch simple ingredients ice cream at a local shop. 

Or better yet – make your own and invite friends over to share it! (can’t say I didn’t try to inspire ya 😬!)

I always dreamed of having a doctor’s office with a deli and bakery…

…high quality ingredient goods that don’t have you feeling gross afterwards.

Truth is, I rarely go out to eat these days.

There are very few places that have my same values when it comes to sourcing of ingredients and preparation, plus I’ve come to love making my favorite versions of tasty things at home.

I keep threatening a cook book – someday… perhaps some of you could contribute your favorite recipes?

As with any blood sugar boosting or heavier meal, I make sure to move more around those meals.

Pairing your indulgences with a challenge to help with digestion is ideal…

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When my husband and I lived in downtown Seattle we made it a point to walk to the Molly Moon’s ice cream shop at the top of Queen Anne Hill every so often. 

Ice cream in hand, we’d go to one of two hidden treasure parks in the Queen Anne neighborhood to enjoy our ice cream looking out over the ships cruising around the sound.

Creating a habit or routine that centers around your indulgences is key for keeping inflammation in check. 

Inflammation is a lifestyle problem.

It’s a result of the combination of multiple distractions, busy schedules, not slowing down to take care of yourself and then the piling up of indulgences that happened as an afterthought.

No amount of Tumeric, Quercetin, Bromelain and systemic enzymes, for inflammation will counter poor habits, routines and behaviors that you have on repeat. 

Modern life sets you up for an overload of oxidative stress as you try to get more things done, faster.

So I ask you…when did you start to have signs of inflammation?

What was going on in your life at the time?

Likely a lot!

It’s not easy to juggle a busy lifestyle and take care of yourself. 

I admit, I’ve been there too.

Eventually life will force you to pay attention, that’s the inflammation.

Embrace it as a warning sign that something has to change.

What could you adjust to lower your inflammation?

  • meal preparation
  • set meal times
  • sitting down to eat and chew your food
  • movement after dinner to help with digestion
  • regular massage or self mobility and massage
  • a habit of magnesium baths or lotion
  • getting out in nature away from your technology
  • taking breaks during the day to breathe

I could go on for pages of what you can do.

The possibilities are endless…if you take a few minutes to see where your lifestyle is preventing you from taking care of yourself. 

Did you know the average medical doctor lives 78 years? – that’s sad considering all the knowledge. 

The average ER doc’s lifespan is 58! (read and weep HERE)

And the most common cause of death? Cancer.

This comes from a 2021 research study that blew my mind! 

They didn’t include docs like me in the research but I can tell you – the stats are similar for naturopathic doctors too.

If the people who are supposed to educate you on longevity aren’t even living that long…what do you do?

Become your own best doctor!

Look at your lifestyle.

Plan your life around your self care.

What will keep you doing the things you love for longer or for life?

Ponder this, make a list and keep the things you love to do active in your live.

Make time to feed your soul in every way imaginable. 

The more you play and do things that have you smiling or laughing, the less inflammation you’ll have. 

Find or create up graded versions of your favorite treats!

Make smaller batches, share or freeze them so you can keep the snacking in check. 

And share your recipes with me if you’re so inclined – it’s the season for being in the kitchen a bit more and I love inspiration!

Here’s to your health and perhaps spending more quality time in your kitchen,

Dr. J

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