The most common cause of psychosis in older adults is due to bladder infections!

Wild right?

Your microbiome of your bladder, urethra, vaginal or prostate area can also mess with your neuro-chemicals!

Sadly, many women and even men have chronic infections down below that are hijacking their immune system and mental health.

It’s not uncommon for me to see a low grade infection show up in routine lab work. 

The CBC aka Complete Blood Count looks at red and white blood cells. 

Assessing the breakdown of the white blood cells gives a lot of clues as to what your immune system is up to. 

In a blood test you will see the number of total white blood cells then a break down that ideally looks something like this…

Neutrophils 67

Lymphocytes 23

Monocytes 7

Eosinophils 0

Basophils 0

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You want the amount of lymphocytes to be about 1/3rd of the Neutrophils.

Monocytes should be 10% or less of Neutrophils. 

If your lymphocytes are close in number to your neutrophils it’s likely your body is dealing with a lingering infection.

And if those lymphocytes are higher than neutrophils that infection has been there a while. 

If monocytes are closer to 1/3rd of the Neutrophils this indicates a very long standing infection that’s been lingering and there may be some tissue damage.

It’s not uncommon for me to see this white blood cell pattern in men with chronic prostatitis and women with chronic bladder infections. 

What’s the solution?

My go to is D-mannose 1-3 grams a day – every day.

This isn’t an as needed dose, it’s a daily dose while you work on the other factors below.  

D-mannose prevents e. coli, the most common bacterial culprit for below the belt infections, from adhering to the bladder or urethral wall. 

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Along with D-mannose I highlight the following lifestyle tips:

  • adequate hydration
  • urination after sexual intercourse to flush the pipes
  • regular orgasms to help clear the prostate/vaginal glands and improve lymph flow
  • daily exercise to help with pelvic circulation
  • hip circles to open up the pelvis
  • mindset work to help release anger, frustration, guilt, fear and tension the body may try to store in the pelvis
  • bio-identical hormones to help with vaginal health/lubrication in women (bladder & vaginal infections are connected)
  • cotton breathable underwear that you put in the dryer on medium heat x 10 mins with each wash to knock down non-beneficial bacteria on fabric

If you’re experiencing urinary tract or bladder pain with urgency or frequency and it’s on a chronic basis I also add in Gaia Herb’s Kava and Vitanica’s Bladder Ease.  (see my full protocol HERE)

Note: Kava gets a bad rap for OLD research saying it damages the liver. You have to use a lot of it for a long time to cause damage.  Controlled amounts are safe for use and can be quite helpful.  

Give this protocol 3 months and then re-test your white blood cells to see how things look. 

If no change, I add in oregano essential oil based capsules like CandiBactin-AR by Metagenics.

The added oils help the body regulate the microbiome a bit and if there’s any fungal contributing organisms this will help clear it up as well. 

Life is too short for issues down below to make you nutty!

Try this out and see how you do!  Share your story with me.

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

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