A lightning strike delivers 300,000 volts of energy while one of your nerves deliver 0.07 volts of energy to send you a message. 

You have an estimated 50 trillion cells.

Cells are communicating 24/7.

At any given time you’re charged with 50 trillion x 0.07 volts = 3.5 trillion volts.

You have more energetic potential than a big flash of lightning!

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Ponder that for a moment.

Your cells are collectively more powerful than a lightning flash.

Dang that’s cool!

Begs the question – if you’re loaded with energetic potential …

…why can you feel so tired and drained?

Something in life is draining your charge…

  • relationships
  • finances
  • life or work stress
  • chronic infections
  • nutrient, mineral and electrolyte deficiencies
  • blood sugar imbalances
  • toxins in your environment – food, air, water
  • lack of things in live that give you joy and purpose
  • not slowing down to recharge

I’m guilty of not slowing down to recharge myself…

…unless there’s something outdoors or in nature calling me. 

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Last weekend I sat next to my back door and let the breeze gently pass by as I watched lightning jump from cloud to cloud mosquito free.

I’m pretty sure I was mesmerized by lightning for over 90 minutes as my Dad and husband watched an alien entire movie.

I found myself saying ooh and ahh as mother nature displayed her orange, yellow and even blueish fireworks. 

And I couldn’t help but think how much the garden I planted that day would love lightning’s nitrogen boost to enrich my soil. 

Lightning breaks down atmospheric pollutants with it’s electrical charge.

By detoxing the air lightning helps plants to grow.

So cool!  

The intelligence of nature is mind blowing!

As a human made up of electrical charges – do you benefit when there’s a lightning storm?

Research has shown that asthma, heart issues and nervous system imbalances increase during lightning storms because of the excess of positive ions.

You would think that positive ions would be beneficial… negative ions are what you want for grounding and calm.

Energetic gurus say lightning storms have the ability to ignite a connection with your deeper self. 

I have no doubt lightning carries a spiritual significance.

It’s nature’s way of illuminating your path if you’ve been lost.

Letting you know your “aha” moment is here.

It’s a sign to charge up your life with lots of good energy vibes.

Lightning bolts have also been connected to sparking creativity and ideas. 

While being struck by lightning isn’t on my bucket list nor is a tornado (we had a warning 2 nights ago uh – not cool!)…

…I certainly love to watch it from the safety of my kitchen and ponder what goods the universe is handing out for those watching.

As you head into the summer – be on the lookout for lightning!

Consider it a sign or guide for what you’re looking for in life!

Ponder the idea that you have more voltage potential than a lightning bolt!

If you were firing with full voltage – what could you accomplish?

Here’s to catching a few good lightning storms this summer,

Dr. J

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