In medical school they tell you not to get attached to your patients. 

Not my style. 

You have to get to know people to discover the best tools to help them.

One of the best things about not being tied down to an official office?

House calls. 

Yes, I do those for my Tacoma, Washington aka “south sound” folks. 

I love getting to see folks pets, pop in a few acupuncture needles and talk about the future of their health. 

I’m all about bringing medicine back to the days when your doctor knew you and your entire family.

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A few years ago I was lucky to meet another rule breaker heart centered doc like me, Dr. Shiroko Sokitch.

Dr. Shiroko has been in practice for over 30 years in Santa Rosa, California.

She’s an MD who was an ER doc at one time and an acupuncturist who loves energy medicine!

Shiroko is not your typical medical doctor, she’s into energy medicine, Chinese herbs and loves acupuncture as much as me!

She specializes in chronic, unexplained or mystery illnesses.

All of which have a root in energy imbalances. 

Like me, Dr. Shiroko loves that acupuncture and Chinese medicine have the ability to restore balance in the body – the original issue leading to dis-ease.

Her book, “Healing When It Seems Impossible, 7 Keys to Defy the Odds” – is an eye opening guide to restoring your health.

In our podcast that was released today, click HERE to listen… we talk all about her book, energy medicine and philosophies of breaking the mold of a traditional doctor. 

My biggest take-a-way from the podcast is the idea that it’s time to break the rules when it comes to optimizing your mind and body performance!

Just because something is out of the “traditional” medical model, doesn’t mean it’s witchcraft.

Perhaps you have to break the rules of what the traditional medical system has led you to believe about health to find what you need to restore your foundational health. 

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I’m not saying that traditional medicine doesn’t have it’s benefits for serious injuries and surgical needs. 

A blend of both worlds – the old school and the advances does work.

In this podcast Dr. Shiroko shares how her clients are getting amazing results using the power of Chinese Medicine and energetic imprinted formulas.

She talks all about the NES system she’s using and how it’s amplifying the blend of acupuncture and mind-body work she recommends for her clients. 

If you’d like to read Dr. Shiroko’s book, you can find it HERE and research her further HERE.

She sees clients all over the world and is amazing to work with!

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

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