As a kid I thought dark chocolate was vile. 

Somehow in my late 20’s it grew on me. 

Kinda like beets, Brussels sprouts, oatmeal and wine.

As a newbie naturopathic doctor I used herbs almost exclusively for my treatments. 

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I quickly realized patients would take their herbs consistently if they enjoyed the experience. 

So I became a mixologist – treating patients to elixirs masking herb flavors with various syrups I created. 

One of those syrups had a dark chocolate base that I would adjust based on the herbs in the elixir.

Chocolate’s bitterness is magical for hiding herb flavors…

…and depending on the origin of the chocolate the different notes hide different herbs better.

Cacao from Ghana is distinctly different from Peru or Papua New Guinea. 

Props to Nuance Chocolate in Fort Collins, Colorado for expanding my mind! 

By the time I moved to Washington State from Colorado in 2013 I had amassed a collection of ways to best hide herb flavors under the guise of tasty dark chocolate. 

My elixirs and home made chocolates were a joy however, as my practice thrived I couldn’t keep up. 

I traded my vision of creating an herbal chocolate company for my practice and the rest is history. 

The good news is – Sage Dammers from Addictive Wellness Chocolatehad a similar vision to mine and is crushing it in the herbal chocolate realm!

Why are humans drawn to chocolate?

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Antioxidants, magnesium, dopamine hits from sugar?

Likely all of the above and more!

I believe that chocolate has the ability to tap into your senses and go straight to the vagus nerve.

Think of it this way…

smelling good things to eat trigger your parasympathetic rest and digest portion of your vagus nerve.

And when the chill part of your nervous system is stimulated it sends the message to your brain that you’re safe. 

Unfortunately, many spend most of their days in fight or flight mode based on their thoughts and lifestyle. 

Women tell me they are not stressed and life is good but their labs tell a different story. 


There isn’t enough time spent in chill “safe” mode. 

I believe humans have food vices because it’s their attempt to get the body in parasympathetic chill mode. 

If you can stop to eat – there’s not a bear chasing you.

Your brain can easily wire you to form an addiction if it knows that’s the only way to get you into chill mode. 

Low dopamine and high stress go hand in hand. 

It’s possible you’re searching for a dopamine hit right now…(that’s why sugar is the #1 drug).

I’m surprised when I see labs with normal dopamine levels.

That makes me sad!

Unless you have a legit allergy to chocolate or don’t like it….

…the smell and taste of chocolate puts you in “safe” mode.

Chocolate is useful to improve tolerance of introducing new herbs to your body, especially if you react to everything you take as a supplement. 

Let’s face it taking supplements, especially when you have a few of them to take, isn’t ranked high on the list of fun!

I know – I’m always looking for ways not to swallow pills. 

It’s why I gravitate toward using chocolate and gummies. 

Or adding herbs to spice mixes for savory meals and snacks. 

The conundrum I face as a doc – I don’t want to give a million supplements!

Yet, I believe all humans benefit from herbs that help to adapt to stress along with tonic herbs to counter your current symptoms or predispositions to certain ailments.

Why not pair a little dopamine hit to tell your body all is good and safe with your daily dose of herbs?

Like the boxes of Addictive Wellness Chocolates say “may all your addictions be beneficial”…

… I couldn’t agree more!

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Two benefits in one – a little indulgence plus herbs to counter the most common complaints…

  • fatigue
  • anxiety
  • low sex drive
  • decreased focus
  • lowered resilience to infections
  • skin health

Addictive Wellness Chocolates are sugar-dairy-gluten-nut free, non-toxic, non-GMO and mold free!

And yes, these folks have figured out how to make them taste good using herbal sweeteners!

This isn’t your standard chocolate, it’s upgraded – to match your lifestyle!

Each bar comes with 4 squares and are meant to be savored. 

I invite you to test out a new way of indulging in chocolate (you can do this with any chocolate)…

 break each square into pieces.

Take a big long whiff of the chocolate to get your senses going and then let each chocolate piece melt in your mouth.

Slow down and savor. 

Create a ritual around it. 

This ensures your nervous system gets full benefit and those herbs do too. 

I shared my first bar yesterday with my husband.

Not only did the bar taste good, I’m pretty sure it helped me focus for the rest of the day!

A treat with benefits!

Can you justify your chocolate addiction now?

Hope so!

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Yesterday I posted a reel on IG about Addictive Wellness Chocolates – check out my IG @drjanninekrause

I’ll be interviewing Sage in the coming month and I’m curious if you all have any questions you’d like to know about Addictive Wellness Chocolates

Hit reply!

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

Jannine Krause

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