Pharmaceutical companies want you to think they have what you need. 

Singing, dancing, adventuring, happy people getting their lives back on commercials. 

I wish every time I prescribed a medication or supplement I could evoke the same magic. 

Acupuncture can bring people close with the euphoria many feel from the endorphin release. 

If only it lasted more than 20 minutes. 

I became an acupuncturist because I saw people change their energy or mood before my eyes.

Dragging, in pain and grumpy to floating, happy, reduced pain or pain free is what I see with acupuncture a lot of the time. 

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This transformation is like magic. 

And it’s a natural response that your body can repeat daily and often!

I recently sent out a survey for what you all wanted to learn and I found that when I mentioned “quantum healing” the majority of my survey responders said they were intrigued but didn’t know what it was.

Quantum healing or medicine is a field that is gaining traction.

There are doctors like Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza and Dawson Church showing the benefits of quantum using functional MRI testing.

It’s the study of energy medicine and changing your energy to relieve pain, release trauma and resolve things as big as cancer.

The results are impressive but it’s still being touted as quackery by the conventional medical realm. 

Even though big hitters like John’s Hopkins and Harvard have and are conducting studies to prove quantum energy medicine works. 

Keep in mind conventional medicine practices are generally 20 years behind the research. 

That baffles me!

Nevertheless, I’m here to plant the seed that this stuff is legit and worth a look. 

How does quantum healing and energy medicine of this sort work?

First you have to look at you and how you show up in the world. 

Your personality and predominant mood say a lot about your health. 

Happy go lucky folks tend to be healthier and with less complaints.

Things seem to always work out for them.

Angry, frustrated worriers with anxiety or depression have more health issues.

And life seems to keep throwing crappy situations at them.

What’s the difference?

The spectrum of energetic vibe you sit on. 

This spectrum is governed by your thoughts. 

If you’re happier and have a more positive outlook you’ll have a higher energetic vibration to your body. 

Those who are more anxious, fearful and worried will have a lower energetic vibration. 

Say I’m happy out loud right now – how does that feel to you?

Good right?

Now say I’m angry out loud right now.

What you say changes your energy.

Same goes for what you think.

Looping on anxious, worried, fearful, angry thoughts all day and you’ll get more of that in life.

Same goes for happy, joyful, grateful thoughts. 

While this may seem quite “cheesy” to you – know I get it.

It took me a decade to get here from when I first heard about quantum.

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If you know anything about naturopathic medicine you’d think that this kind of thing would have been discussed in my training – it wasn’t as far as I can remember.

And it’s entirely possible my midwest quackery alert was in full effect. 

Let’s face it – becoming an acupuncturist and a naturopathic doctor tested my bs meter all through school. 

But I knew on a deep level that this was the medicine for me.


It goes with your energetic vibe.

Being tuned into yourself happens easier when you’re not distracted by negative thoughts.

You’re programmed to have more negative than positive thoughts.

Negative thoughts keep you on alert and safe.

Your cave person brain is all about protecting you. 

This protection mechanism is what has you stressed out, elevated cortisol, overwhelm, you name it!

You can override it!

The protective mechanism aka your autonomic nervous system can be controlled.

Yes, it requires practice and this is where your magic “pill” comes in.

You have everything inside of you to change your personality, behaviors, thoughts, habits and routines.

They say no one can change – that simply isn’t true!

You can practice becoming the person you want to be. 

Right down to the health you want to have.

And you can work on chronic health issues using quantum energy techniques.

Quantum energy work is based on your thoughts.

What you think and how you can use your thoughts to create supportive neuro-chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin and more are the foundation of this medicine.

Using your mind to increase circulation to areas of pain or illness as well as improving detox or whatever is needed can be thought into motion.

Before you stop reading and write me off as wacky…

…let me ask you this…

Have you ever been super nervous about something and you felt tingling (aka butterflies) in your stomach or your shoulders were so tense they were up by your ears and someone said “breathe”.

You hesitated but then took their advice to take a big breath in and a long exhale. 

What happened to your shoulders?

They relaxed. 

Any other instances you talked yourself into doing something you were fearful of?

This is your mind at work. 

You can talk yourself into and out of anything. 

The same goes for your health, mindset, mood and more!

Quantum energy healing is rooted in thoughts and self talk creating responses within the body.

It’s often done through meditation types of practices.

And it can be done on your own or in groups where a group focuses on a certain person’s health and improves a condition.

Need to see the research?  Check out Bliss Brain or Becoming Supernatural – both books are full of research.

Or head to Dawson Church’s and Dr. Joe Dispenza’s websites and see for yourself. 

You have everything inside of you right now to turn your health around.

It’s you with the magic pill – not anyone else. 

And what’s best? It’s Free.

The only requirement is time for practice.

I challenge you to explore what thoughts you could benefit from when it comes to your own health. 

Stay tuned for more on quantum and applying it to create your own magic pills.

Want to hear more on thoughts and mood?

Check out my podcast with Dr. Anna Marie Frank – HERE – it’s out today!

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

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