Marawa Ibrahim has spun 200 hula hoops at a time, hula hooped in high heel roller skates and ran an 8 minute 4 second mile while hula hooping.

This gal has some serious hip mobility that may rival Latina singer Shakira.

Shakira knows a thing about hips and wasn’t kidding with her song “hips don’t lie”!

It’s easy to see who has tight hips when you ask someone for a hip circles demo.

Yes, I’ve asked patients to do this and I used to have my hula hoop in the office for patients.

I digress…

Many adults have tight hips that keep them from hula hooping and swaying their hips!

Poor hip mobility = poor pelvic circulation!

If this is you it’s likely you’ve had low back, pelvic pain or issues. 

And if you haven’t – high five – this email is for you to prevent it from happening!

It’s not uncommon for folks over 40 to tell me their hips are tight, they have low back pain as well as pelvic issues. 

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Sex may be uncomfortable or impossible. 

Sadly, many are not talking about these things with their doctors!

The pelvis needs a lot of blood flow to support the organs and tissues in that region…

  • uterus, ovaries or testicles
  • bladder
  • prostate
  • sigmoid colon
  • rectum
  • pelvic floor muscles

It’s not uncommon for pelvic issues like these to show up as you get older…

  • constipation or diarrhea
  • hemorrhoids
  • painful sex
  • enlarged prostates
  • prostatitis 
  • bladder or vaginal infections
  • prolapse
  • incontinence
  • uterine fibroids
  • ovarian cysts

And the most likely cause is poor circulation of blood, nutrients and lymph.

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Poor circulation to the pelvis can be caused by…

  • prolonged sitting or being sedentary in general
  • tight hips
  • a tight or weak pelvic floor
  • dehydration

All of these can be managed and prevented by working on pelvic floor strength and circulation.

You can maintain your bladder and bowel function with age. 

Pelvic floor physical therapy is one of my go-to referrals for my patients as it is tied to your quality of life. 

In a perfect world this message would have connected with all of you before you experience symptoms…

…either way my intention is to spread the word that you can improve your pelvic health at any age and prevent a lot of grief using tips from my gal pal Dr. Bri Grogan.

I’ve included a video link of Dr. Bri going through her hip circles and zip ups routine to help with pelvic circulation! (scroll to the end to get those)

10-20 of these up to 3 times a day is a great way to improve pelvic circulation to help with many pelvic complaints (don’t forget to change directions). 

Pair hip circles with each time you get up from sitting for over an hour and you have a solid routine to help out your hips and pelvis. 

Add in the zip ups at 5-10 two to three times a day and you have a little workout for preventing prolapse!

Dr. Bri’s not into kegel’s or your Mother’s version of pelvic health…

…she loves dance and hip circles for pelvic health!

In fact I found her doing hip circles on YouTube years ago, I tried them out and never looked back!

I credit her with re-igniting my love for hula hooping!

She has over 700 videos on YouTube where she shows all kinds of ways to open up the pelvis with dance, movement and more.

You can’t help but smile trying out her tips – no matter how tight your hips may be!

Not only does she have amazing videos she has a Lift program to help with prolapse. 

And an Overcome program for those with pelvic pain. 

In April she will be coming out with a mind-body program for pelvic health as pain in the pelvic region is tied into chronic stress, deep rooted fear, anger and other emotions that get trapped in the body. (email me if you’d like to know more)

Click HERE to check out the “Hip Circles” and HERE to see the “Zip Ups”

Here’s to your pelvic health,

Dr. J

PS: If you’re open to exploring Dr. Bri’s Lift program for prolapse or Overcome for pelvic pain I have an exclusive 20% off code – SPECIAL20 – click the links above to learn more about her programs.

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

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