You’re just finishing dinner and the anxiety is building.

In a few hours it will be bedtime.

You can feel the dread is rolling in like a thick fog. 

The voices in your head start in…

…what happens if I don’t sleep tonight?

I have so much to do tomorrow.

No wonder I’m gaining weight.

Am I going to get Alzheimer’s?

Will I ever get a full night’s sleep again?

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If this sounds familiar – you’re not alone. 

So many of my clients tell stories of the voices in their head.

The 2-4 am wake ups and the frustration that ensues.

What if I told you research is saying insomnia is all in your head?

How annoyed would you be?

Well…there may be some truth to it. 

Before you go there – I do recommend evaluating the following for insomnia…

  • hormones – (DHEA, estradiol, estrone, progesterone, testosterone free & total, sex hormone binding globulin)
  • melatonin levels
  • vitamin D 
  • red blood cell magnesium
  • calcium
  • electrolytes – especially potassium
  • thyroid function (TSH, free T3/4, T3 uptake, AntiTPO, thyroglobulin antibody, reverse T3)
  • blood sugar – fasting insulin + hemoglobin a1c

Then if all is good or you’ve corrected your imbalances it’s time to evaluate your thoughts.

It’s common to think yourself out of sleep as a result of stressful thoughts.

But doc – lack of sleep IS a problem!

I agree sleep needs to be addressed but what if…

…your thoughts about sleep stress you out making the situation worse?

You change your mood by thinking negative thoughts and talking about negative things.

Same goes for sleep. 

Even if you’ve been an insomniac for 30 years. 

One of the top sleep coaches – Devin Burke – was on my podcast this week to talk about how you can think yourself out of sleep (podcast is out Saturday).

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Likely you’ve had racing thoughts about work or you’ve ruminated on a subject at some point in your life that kept you awake. 

This is the same concept but it goes deeper.

Your thought loops stress your vagus nerve and cause it to keep you awake and alert.

Stressful thoughts at bedtime = not safe to your body.

Not safe = stay alert for impending danger.

Your brain can’t differentiate the source of your stress.

So you lay awake in case the danger shows up. 

How do you un-do this?

Train yourself to not associate sleep as being stressful. 

Same goes for weighing yourself when you’re trying to lose weight. 

You can apply this concept to many things you struggle with.

The secret lies in letting go of the hang ups and thoughts you have when it comes to sleeping.

Can you ditch good sleep hygiene too?

No – a wholistic approach is crucial when it comes to sleep.

The key is to not obsess over your sleep rituals. 

As has happened with access to social media and multiple opinions – its easy to over complicate and confuse yourself when it comes to sleep.

Turns out – being hyper focused on problem solving for any ailment may not be the answer. 

Rather – it’s changing the voices in your head that put you in fearful stress mode when it comes to issues like sleep… addition to sleep hygiene, correcting imbalances and prioritizing relaxing in the evening to end insomnia.

The idea that you need 8 hours of sleep a night is a myth – you may need 9 to 10 or only 6. 

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Either way finding your optimal bedtime and wake time as well as your best individual evening routine is key. 

Forcing yourself into a routine that doesn’t suit you will stress your system and keep you from sleeping.

Some people are wired as night owls while others are early birds.

The 9-5p workday doesn’t suit everyone – perhaps finding a schedule that suits you would be ideal.

Letting go of whatever you’ve heard about sleep and the working on reframing the voices in your head is just one aspect of Devin Burke’s Sleep Science Academy that’s helped thousands learn to sleep well again.

Devin shares all about his system ->✳️HERE✳️<- – take a look if you’re interested.

 If you can talk yourself out of sleep you can talk yourself into it too. 

Especially if you get to looping on negative thoughts. 

Spend some time this evening observing your thoughts about sleep and what you say to yourself come bedtime.

Once you’ve identified the self chatter – pick out the thoughts that come to your head the most about sleep.

Ask yourself if anything those voices are saying is 100% true and if so – how can you know them to be true and if not 100% then what could you say instead to ensure yourself you’re safe and all is well?

Ponder your answers – write them down and practice positive stories at bedtime. 

My podcast with Devin Burke drops on Saturday.

Today’s the start of a new podcast series where each Wednesday I’m teaching on certain subjects and today it’s environment & sleep. 

Check my website – HERE – after 10a PST (Wednesday 6/5) to listen in!

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Here’s to your sleep health,

Dr. J

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