Longer sunnier warmer days have me thinking about cruising the lakes on my paddle board…

..and weekends with friends and family at their north woods cottages. 

Then I think – I better see how I look in my swimsuit.

For anyone that’s ever struggled with their weight and body image, this time of year can be a blessing and a curse. 

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You want to spend time outside and all is good…

…till you’re invited to a pool party, out on a boat or to a summer cottage for the weekend. 

Then you’re like, I better get a new suit and a cover-up.

I wonder…do they make cover-ups floor length with a turtle neck design that’s breathable in 90 degree weather?

If this sounds like you then I want to introduce you to my pal, Kelly Howard.

She was just on my podcast a few weeks ago and she is the founder of the website and podcast – Fit is Freedom.

Her specialty is helping women over 40 start, regain or reimagine their fitness. 

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Not only does she train women for outdoor adventures she guides adventures as well. 

I’ve found when you train for a goal (vs weight loss) you get results faster.

Feeling confident in a swimsuit is one thing but being able to do an outdoor adventure you’ve always dreamed of?


Swimsuits and numbers on the scale goals only go so far.

Fitness and adventure goals make memories that last a lifetime.

If you’re looking to shape up for the summer (and for life) – Kelly is hosting a complimentary class on May 15th 7p CT/8p ET. 

You can see if and how she can help you get moving in the right direction. 

Kelly’s class is perfect for you….

  • If you feel like you’re doing all the right things but not seeing results
  • You’re dreaming of adventures but worry your body can’t keep up 
  • If aches, pains, and injuries are slowing you down
  • You’re secretly wondering, “Is this as good as it gets?”

It’s not too late to re-imagine fitness…

👉This is where SuperFIT comes in👈

Join Kelly at this online event with live interaction, as she dives into simple strategies that will bring big results. 

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No matter where you are starting from, there’s a SuperFIT step that will work for you!

Kelly has helped a LOT of women restore their confidence in their fitness and I believe she can help you too. 

I’ve partnered with other fitness professionals in the past but they weren’t specific to the needs of women over 40. 

She’s the only coach I’ve met to date that not only trains her clients but takes them on the adventures she trained them for. 

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You don’t have to have an adventure goal in mind, a desire to get fit is good enough.

It’s never too late to find your fitness.

Register for Kelly’s SuperFit for Summer complimentary class HERE, replays available when you register.    

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

Jannine Krause

Get back to your wild, active, vibrant self

Let’s figure out what’s accelerating your aging process…

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