Research has shown that molecules exist to target your thyroid to improve your circulation and metabolism.

It’s not a pharmaceutical, doesn’t have an extensive list of side effects, and works with your body over time because it’s made from small protein fragments that you make in your own body. 

These protein fragments are known as peptides.

Bio-regulator peptides to be exact!

These types of peptides have been found to improve the function of your glands and organs.

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Research has even shown their ability to improve your circulation and cardiovascular system to lower cholesterol and blood pressure similar to meds on the market, minus the side effects.

There are even ones that have been found to improve ovarian and testicular function to produce and regulate hormones!

Wild right?

Why aren’t they being talked about in the mainstream media?

Well…there’s no money to be made on them because you can’t patent amino acids and groups of them that make up small protein fragments.

That is unless you add other compounds and chemicals to them, then they can be patented – this is how the injectable peptide for weight loss, Ozempic became FDA approved. 

Sounds odd right?

Well that’s how the FDA works.

Right now they have blocked the majority of peptide production and compounding in the US till they can “determine if peptides are truly safe” aka figure out how to make them on their own with compounds in them to patent them.

The FDA and the pharmaceutical industries work together…but I digress.

Let’s go back to biology for a second…

…amino acids are the building blocks of proteins.

When you put amino acids together in chains you can make short or long chains to get certain types of proteins.

Peptides and bioregulator peptides are small protein chains of 2-6 amino acids that the body uses for regulating or signaling. 

Extensive research has been done on these protein fragments in Europe and Russia.

They are being used in Europe and especially in the UK.

My podcast with Paul Burgess from the UK came out today and we talked about bioregulators, peptides and more in our podcast. – Click HERE to listen in now!

There have been hints of these molecules coming from Russia’s top peptide and bioregulator researcher, Professor Vladimir Khavinson, who’s been testing peptides out on athletes and cosmonauts since the 1980’s.

He has an entire research facility dedicated to peptides – learn more about him and his research HERE.

Sadly, the medical industry as well as mainstream society has been soured on anything from Russia let alone a professor with a heavy military background.

I had my reservations some years ago…

…but the more I learn about results colleagues are getting and I myself have experienced the time has come to share.

I’ve talked about the peptides BPC 157 and TB 500 in previously in regards to their ability to heal muscle strains, sprains and tendonitis conditions. 

Plus I’ve talked about BPC 157 and it’s ability to help with gastric ulcers, leaky gut and gut lining irritation.

Peptides signal an action in the body, promote production of a hormone or bio regulate the decline in function of a gland or organ.

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If you’ve been around for sometime in the natural medicine space you’ve likely heard of glandular support like taking adrenal glands from a cow (bovine) source.

The company Ancestral Supplements has created an entire market for this sort of gland support.

Turns out the small protein fragments within the certain animal organ or glands can used instead of the entire gland, to target a desired action.

If you’ve tried a glandular supplement like Ancestral Supplements and not found them to be helpful, it may be because of your body’s need to have a more specific targeted molecule. 

Bioregulator peptides are small protein fragments originally isolated from glands and organs of young calves.

Many of the products on the market are synthetic while a few companies are using natural isolates.

Animals used for sourcing are tested heavily for mad cow and other conditions to prevent illness.

Even with the precautions the tricky part about bioregulator peptides is sourcing. 

As of right now the only company that I would trust for sourcing is Profound Health out of the UK. (click HERE to learn more)

What can bioregulator peptides do for you?

I’ll give the breakdown on the most popular below…

  1. Glandokort – adrenal glandular support to help with the body manage stress in a depleted, fatigued state
  2. Chitomur – bladder function support – bladder spasticity, leaking
  3. Ventfort – to support blood vessels, regulate blood pressure, enhance circulation, reduce cholesterol
  4. Gotratix – muscle repair support – muscle strains, sprains and repair needs
  5. Taxorest – lung function support – poor lung function, asthma, difficulty breathing
  6. Zhenoluten – ovarian function support – helpful for those with ovarian cysts, perimenopause + menopause as additional ovarian support
  7. Endoluten – pineal gland support – to help with sleep and wake cycle regulation
  8. Testoluten – testicular function support – to help natural testosterone production
  9. Vladonix – thymus immune support – to boost immune function naturally
  10. Thyreogen – thyroid function support – to regulate hypothyroid and hyperthyroid states, especially if not responding to thyroid medication or struggling to lose weight

What I like about bio regulators is that you don’t need to take them for days on end, there are 10 day and 30 day courses.

If you’re seeing something off in labs or know there’s an issue in an organ or gland you can take them for 30 days and recheck labs afterwards.

Then if all is good take 3 months off.

I love that you can cycle bioregulators as well and take them a few times a year.

Or if you’re healthy and want to do a little gland or organ boost maintenance you can take them for a 10 day course and recheck. 

Right now I’m trying out Thyreogen for Thyroid gland support, after noticing my temperature had been at least a degree lower that average for 2 months.

I will use it for 30 days and keep tracking my temperature as my thyroid function has been consistently normal per functional medicine parameters.

Don’t worry I’ll share what I see in myself! 

Another example of bio-regulator use, you know your family history indicates a struggle with elevated blood pressure and cholesterol – you could take Ventfort every 6 months to support that part of your body. 

If you’re dealing with elevated cholesterol and blood pressure right now and want to get it under control asap you could do a 30 day course and retest. 

Keep in mind that with anything, you’ll want to be eating clean, working on stress and all the underlying aspects of health to get maximum results. 

You can’t supplement or take peptides and expect magic if you’re not doing your part!

What I’m really excited about with bio regulators is their ability to support the adrenals, thyroid and ovaries or testes of folks as they get older.

I’m hoping to see if a combination of TB4 Frag (oral targeted Thymosin Beta 4) + Thyreogen + Ventfort could help women with underfunctioning thyroid or metabolic processes get past plateaus faster.

Stay tuned! 

The most common triad of issues I see is weight gain, decreased hormones and fatigue.

Taking bioidentical hormones doesn’t always resolve the thyroid issues and fatigue so having a bioregulator on board and cycling it in could be quite helpful. 

Keep in mind that bioregulators and peptides are not regulated.

There are many scams out there where they will take your money and either not send you product or send you fake products.

I debated on even sharing this information as I know that sourcing is tricky and I know what I recommend reflects back on me. 

Yet, at the same time I couldn’t withhold information that may be of benefit to someone. 

If you’re searching online and something looks too good to be true – it probably is!

As of October 2023, I only recommend Profound Health out of the UK for sourcing your bioregulator peptides.

If you’re looking for peptides like BPC 157 for gut health, TB Frag Max – a more targeted version of Thymosin Beta 4 for thyroid/tissue health or other oral peptides, I only recommend Integrative Peptides.

For injectable peptides, I was compounding from a local pharmacy to ensure quality, since that is no longer an option I have alternate sources, email me for an update.

In the meantime, I wanted to share this technology with you so that you are aware of what’s out there.

I’ll be working on determining how to safely and reliably integrate bio regulators into my current protocols as these fascinate me!

Feel free to hit reply with any questions!

I know this email was a bit techy and I don’t want anyone lost in the weeds who’s looking for some support. 

Here’s to optimizing your health,

Dr. J

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