Sometimes my mouth moves before my brain and a jumbled mess comes out.

Other days I can’t seem to get my thoughts together and focus. 

Does this every happen to you?

Not cool if you have a busy day and a long to-do list!

Slogging through a day with a foggy brain is exhausting.

If you’re like me, you might even want to avoid talking to people on the heavier brain fog days.

The good news is, there are quick fixes and long term solutions for brain fog. 

Your brain isn’t broken, it’s just not firing smoothly. 

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What are the most common causes of brain fog?

  • toxins not draining from the brain
  • leaky blood brain barrier allowing toxins in the brain
  • gut microbiome imbalances like yeast or bacterial overgrowth
  • low DHEA, estradiol or testosterone
  • chronic low grade infections like viruses and bacteria or lyme

In my video below there’s a 2 minute trick you can do daily to ward off brain fog. 

The technique you’ll learn helps your brain drain fluid and toxins. 

And stuff that’s stuck in your brain and irritating it due to a tight neck.

Fascial therapy techniques increase circulation in the jaw and neck. 

They are my go-to for quick brain fog relief!

Many of you reading this right now are looking down over a cell phone or computer. 

And you’ve been doing for hours today.

Reducing circulation through your neck and preventing the brain from draining toxins. 

While you’re clenching your teeth!

Open up the neck, allow the brain to drain cell trash from it’s normal processes.

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Maybe even relieve some tension in the jaw and neck too!

1 minute each side of the jaw and neck and back into life you go!

Pair with a little red light therapy and you have a solid routine. 

Do it as many times as you’d like throughout the day!

Click HERE to watch the video now or scroll below.


Here’s to your brain health,

Dr. J


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