By now most people have given up on their new years resolutions.

I don’t blame anyone, just because it’s the new year doesn’t mean it automatically means you’re ready for the new you!

This stuff takes deep commitment in the mind, body and soul to make real lasting change. 

Looking back on my life I realize that I’ve put myself in hazardous situations to lose weight.

Starvation mode being one of the most serious.

Running long days for marathon training in the middle of the hot summer fasted because I might be able to burn more fat that way. 

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Not eating for days just to see how much weight I could lose…

…and gain back in a day.

Many women and men are walking around right now overfed and undernourished or straight up undernourished. 

Some of my patients are shocked when they ask me the amount of fat, protein, calories or carbs in a food and I regurgitate it back to them like a computer.

I could be proficient in multiple languages for the amount of time spent memorizing labels. 


I’m no different from most women out there.

I’ve struggled with my weight, my body image and until a few years ago I was obsessed with still trying to get to an imaginary body type. 

Body image is something that’s brought up in my office daily when it comes to getting older and weight. 

Bodies will change with changes in hormones.

But they don’t have to go into muscle wasting mode. 

And sadly this is one of the big things that I see happening in women.

I see it most commonly in the labs and when I look at the body. 

Declining creatinine levels indicate muscle wasting.

Creatinine is a marker for kidney health but it’s also linked to muscle mass.

Body builders take creatine to help maintain muscle mass and I’ve started to recommend it in my office for those over 40. 

Your muscles have the most concentrated amounts of mitochondria in your body. 

Mitochondria are the factories that make energy in your cells.

If you’re low on muscle you will have less energy and a slower metabolism. 

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This is why weight lifting and eating protein is talked about – a lot. 

These things are non-negotiable for your health.

Amy K Wilson, is a geriatric pharmacist who reviews charts for nursing homes. 

In our podcast that came out on Saturday, she revealed that those who are in nursing homes ended up there because they didn’t focus on maintaining their strength and muscles. (listen in HERE)

What do I see women over 40 dying to lose weight do?

Eat less and do more cardio.

Two things that cause muscle wasting. 

Let’s change that!

Eating more protein and challenging your muscles with body weight exercises, bands or weights speeds up metabolism and increases energy!

Too tired to workout?  

It’s likely because you’ve lost your mitochondria in your muscle. 

The good news is, you can get it back at any age.

My father is a prime example. 

He started doing push ups consistently a month ago and is now up to doing 20 a day from 10 a month ago. 

He’s 87. 

Chances are you’re younger than him.

So what’s your excuse?

If I could scream from the roof tops – focus on protein and challenge your muscles, even if it’s your own body weight or using bands to start, I would. 

There’s no excuse but the stories you’re telling yourself for why you couldn’t build up your strength slowly but surely over time.

Where do you start to keep yourself from dying to shed pounds?

Start building muscle daily by increasing your protein intake till you reach 25-35 grams of protein at 3 meals a day.

Create a plan to lift your own body weight, use bands or get back to weight lifting.

You do not need to be a power lifter or CrossFitter to do this – simple dumbbells work. 

Your muscles are your foundation for joint and bone stability. 

They keep you moving, prevent you from falling and keep your metabolism fired up. 

This is way better than all the supplements and fancy protocols!

I’ve had almost 2 decades of working with patients and these basics work every time!

Preserving your muscles will not only improve your quality of life it will help with longevity, metabolism and help you maintain a lean body.

Barring anything else happening it could be what stands between you and a one way ticket to a nursing home!

If you’d like to hear my podcast with Amy K Wilson, the “nutrition pharmacist” who reveals what she’s discovered about how to stay out of a nursing home in her career reading nursing home patient’s charts – listen HERE.

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

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