What part of your body does your “spidey- sense” live in?

You know that sense you have where you know someone is behind you and just before they tap on your shoulders you turn around?

Is it possible that your 6th sense lives in your fascial tissue?

Fascial tissue is the wrapping like saran wrap around all your muscles, tendons and ligaments.

The thin skin layer around a piece of chicken that’s just under the skin – that’s the fascia.

This thin tissue layer is filled with nerves and ions.

This layer is where tension comes from when you’re stressed.

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Take a moment right now and see, are your muscles relaxed?

Or are you tense anywhere?

If there’s tension, that’s your fascia causing that – it’s not all your muscles!

The longer you hold that tension the less hydrated that tissue will become as it’s using up nutrients and fluid to stay tight and “protect you”.

When I talk about cell salts this is one of the major areas that it impacts.

The fascial tissue stores a lot of your ion charge and electrical activity.

It’s this wrapping that conveys a lot of your electrical charge or discharge.

Ever got a zap in the winter when you touched your car or a piece of metal?

That’s your electricity discharging!

In addition to responding to your environment electrically with little shocks you can also respond to EMFs.

When you’re using blue tooth connected devices or wearing health tracking technology it’s not uncommon for it to impact your fascial tissue.

How does it do that?

It drains your charges just like it would a battery. 

How does that show up in your body?

Weakness in strength, agility and explosive power in addition to fatigue – mental and physical can be signs of imbalanced ions in the fascia.

Since the rollout of 5G I have seen an increase in patients having decreased electrolytes in their blood panels.

Electrolytes are sodium, potassium and chloride.

Lowered electrolyte levels are also associated with adrenal gland health.

Your adrenal glands are in charge of blood sugar, fluid balance, electrolytes, cortisol, neurochemicals and after menopause they make hormones too. 

The adrenal glands are little triangular glands that sit on top of your kidneys.

In Chinese Medicine the kidneys are considered your batteries and I’m guessing it’s because of their direct contact with the adrenal glands. 

If your electrolytes are low, something is draining your batteries!

EMFs, life stress, poor digestion and nutrition all contribute to an overall lowered charge.

In my podcast that comes out tomorrow with Justin Frandson we talk all about EMFs and the impact he’s seeing them have on his professional athlete clients.  

Justin talks all about the impact he’s seen on fascial function by wearing health tracking blue tooth devices 24/7.

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He notes when his clients decrease their time with the devices and use them only in controlled time frames he notices improvement in their athletic performance in terms of strength, agility and explosive power.

I’m a huge fan of using health tracking devices to gain insight into your body but I do find that I feel better when I use them for short spans such as a week or so at a time or only during workouts for my heart rate tracking and HRV device.

Keep in mind that you do not need something on continuously to get a read on your heart rate…

…and your HRV is best measured in the morning before workouts and getting the day started.

You don’t have to have data tracking devices on your body 24/7 to gain valuable information. 

Since the fascial tissue is an intricate wrapping that serves as an interface for your nervous and musculoskeletal systems it benefits you to take good care of it. 

Considering it’s ability to carry a charge and respond to charge variations from EMFs now is the time to learn how to protect it from EMFs.

There are quality products on the market that have had their products tested to prove EMF blocking and I have podcasts with Justin and also R. Blank from Shield Your Body if you’d like more information.

EMF protection options…

If your electrolyte levels are low in your bloodwork that means you’re low in your charge aka battery. 

Low charge = fatigue.

If you’ve been feeling more tired and worn down and nothing seems to be fully working it’s time to look into electrolytes, lowering your EMF exposure and daily grounding sessions. 

Getting out in nature, away from cell towers, people with blue tooth technology and cell phones is a nice way for you to recharge. 

Justin mentions getting in the ocean and free diving as his escape from the things that drain him.

Doing a fascial tissue reset regularly can also help.

There’s a guy named Garry Lineham from the non-profit Human Garage.

He’s all about teaching fascial tissue health and his fascial work intrigues me due to it’s quick ability to release tension in the body. 

Garry promotes the following to help support his fascial releases…

  • electrolytes
  • minerals
  • sea moss
  • mobility and fascial work daily
  • hydration with clean water

You can’t avoid EMFs and radiation but you can reset and recharge yourself. 

  • Spend time away form technology and shut off blue tooth
  • Limit your wearable technology time frames
  • Use EMF blocking and EMF rocks when you can
  • Ground daily
  • Add in fascial work daily
  • Do a few fascial resets weekly or try the Human Garage 28 Day Life Reset of fascial work

All of these things can be easily added to your daily routines and stacked with other health habits. 

I know I recommend a lot of things and you may be thinking – does she really think people can do all of this?

Absolutely not!

It’s all about finding what resonates with you and what works for you to feel your best.

I’m here to plant the seed and I invite you to take what you learn, test it out and see what sticks. 

If you’re curious about EMFs and their impact on your tissues don’t forget to listen to my podcast that comes out tomorrow – Ep 415 – The Health Fix Podcast – find it wherever you get your podcasts or on my website – doctorjkrausend.com

On Wednesday next week I’m following up Justin’s podcast with Julia Blackwell – a fascial therapy specialist and her tips on keeping the fascia healthy.

Here’s to a happy healthy weekend – and perhaps a little tech detoxing!

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