Technology that isn’t convenient to use often gets tossed to the side.

Many near-infrared and red light panels end up collecting dust.

I think it’s because you have to plug them in and be confined to one place for the duration of your session.

When I was approached by the Recharge Health company for a podcast interview and to test out a mobile infrared light device as well as review their product, I couldn’t say no!

FlexBeam is a mobile near-infrared light device that runs off of a battery pack vs being plugged in.

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This is exciting because hooking up extension cords and figuring out how to tether my near infrared and red light panel to myself so I could keep working vs being stuck in one place is something I’ve thought of!

I’ve been using red light therapy for almost a decade now for pain and I swear by it for helping my chronic low back and sacroiliac joint pain.

In the past I’ve used it as a combination therapy for anti-aging skin care regimens and more.

However, I keep coming back to it’s benefit for pain.

I like red light therapies so much that I have two published articles in the NDNR – check them out HERE and HERE.

Red light and infrared therapy have been around for quite some time with NASA and the military using it and touting their benefits.

Infrared and red light therapy have the ability to boost your cell metabolism and repair in the area you’re using them.

Your cells respond to wavelengths of light and in particular red light between 620-800 nanometers.

Those wavelengths of red light stimulate your nervous system cells to increase circulation of blood and lymph to the area that’s being treated.

This stimulus in turn brings the cells the nutrients they need to make energy, repair and take out their cell trash, like lactic acid that builds up after workouts.

What I love about red light and infrared is it’s ability to speed up the healing of tendon, ligament and muscle injuries as well as post workout soreness.

It’s also great for chronic old injuries, like my sacroiliac joint, that flare up every so often when I push it in a workout, hike or I’m processing something emotionally.

Yes, emotions can be stored as pain.

Pain is an incredible tool your body has to tell you it’s time to evaluate something that isn’t serving you.

If you’ve seen me in my office for acupuncture or you’ve been to an acupuncturist it’s possible you’ve had a “heat lamp” placed on you.

These lamps are called TDP lamps (Teding Diancibo Pu) and they have ionized plates that emit invisible infrared light that can penetrate the skin up to 3 inches in depth.

While I like the TDP lamps they are big and clunky.

I prefer the red light panels as they can be wrapped around a targeted area on or closer to the skin with a more focused approach.

Red light therapy is not a cure, it’s a tool to help speed up your body’s natural healing process.

It has to be used regularly as your body has to be reminded every so often to take care of it’s dings and dents it’s acquired over the years.

You could say your body has ADD as it too has a lot to deal with in a day from your environmental to emotional exposures.

Red light therapy works best when it’s incorporated into your self care regimen.

If you’ve just tweaked something and it’s a new injury a few days to weeks of use can speed up recovery.

Chronic issues that pop up every so often may require 2 weeks to a month of daily use.

Daily use after workouts combined with lifestyle factors can help speed up post workout soreness as you get used to new workout regimens.

Preventative is most effective 2-3 times a week to boost your body’s recovery from athletic activities and life.

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I stack it with topical magnesium, pain relieving topicals like Deep Blue, Dr. Bob’s Medicated Oil and even Bengay (yes really – this is my Dad’s favorite and it doesn’t have all of the toxic things like other over the counter topicals).

Put the topicals on after you’ve ramped up blood flow to the area of concern.

Application of topicals before red-light therapy can cause burns.

If you’re wanting to use red light therapy to stimulate your cells to detox and work on cellulite…

… apply castor oil with a little grapefruit, cedar and cinnamon oil to reduce inflammation and further enhance the circulatory effect.

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Chronic pain, cellulite and swelling are often signs the body needs reminding of those areas.

Stimulating inputs like red light, heat, essential oils, acupuncture needles, pressure and massage all get the body’s attention.

If you use a combination of therapies at least 2-3 times a week you will notice the benefits of red light therapy.

Use it infrequently and you might swear it works while it’s on you but the effects do not last.

As with anything, consistency is key.

The FlexBeam doesn’t require a plug and is bendable so it can focus red-light to intersect via three points of light.

It’s design makes it easier to be consistent with it…

…and it has potential to aim the light to target tendons, ligaments and muscles from three angles.

This intrigues me.

I’m all for anything that removes barriers to use and has potential to boost effectiveness.

If it’s not easy to use you won’t use it no matter how effective.

Considering the trends in the direction of the medical system, I highly recommend looking into self care devices or regimens that work for you to keep you mobile and active.

Red light therapy isn’t for everyone, especially if you have open wounds or newly tattooed or a fresh sunburn on your skin.

I encourage you to test out devices before you buy them and look for ones that offer no risk trials like the FlexBeam.

Or check them out at your medical practitioners offices to see what you think.

Chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, gyms and spas often have red light therapy devices, among other things to test out.

HSA (Health Savings Accounts) and FSA (Flexible Spending Accounts) linked to your insurance can be used for these devices with a doctor’s prescription.

At the end of the year, some accounts won’t let you roll over your funds.

Purchasing self care tools can be a great investment. 

Doctors like myself are happy to write prescriptions for devices, supplements, essential oils, diffusers, castor oil packs and more!

Consider a little Christmas present for yourself this time of year.

Same goes for a spa session (even a DIY home spa evening works too) – a little pampering goes a long way!

Curious about Flexbeam?  Click HERE to listen into my podcast. 

Click HERE to learn more about red light therapy & get $60 OFF.

Here’s to your health and happy holidays,

Dr. J

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