It’s likely your liver is bogged down, giving you brain fog, messing with your hormones, putting weight on you, and it needs your help. 

From the chem trails in the sky to daily pesticides exposure, it needs some TLC.

No, it doesn’t need a liver detox or juice cleanse.

It needs help to work better, a tonic of sorts.

My brain cells aligned their charges this week and a light went off in my head.

A huge “ah-ha moment” with neurons firing all over the place explosion of sorts!

I can’t take all the credit… I had a fun interview with doc who specializes in liver and nerve health and he got me thinking.

Then a client of mine who just finished up my metabolic reset’s blood sugar results came in…

…he’s dropped 35 pounds and went from a hemoglobin a1c of 7.5 (diabetic) to 6.1 (pre-diabetic)!

After completing my metabolic reset!

And then I thought about my own recent drop of 10 pounds in the first 2 weeks of the metabolic reset. 

What did all of this have in common?


In particular, how fat is burned and the liver’s role in all this. 

My client was a pretty heavy drinker, had a sweet tooth and loved his tortilla chips… not the baked kind.

Me, I could live on avocados, guac and chips, macadamia nuts and really dark chocolate, the super bitter stuff.

Yes, alcohol is hard on the liver but when you eat a lot of sweets and fried foods with it, the liver gets bogged down faster.

But, you can also have a bogged down liver from being stuck in fight or flight stress mode, chronically depressed, angry, agitated or frustrated, and overconsumption of healthy fats, for your body’s tolerance. 

In East Asian medicine teaches about the liver being the organ that processes emotions.

One of the most common Chinese Medicine diagnoses is liver qi and blood stagnation, which means your liver isn’t optimally using it’s chemical pathways to metabolize and clear toxins, food, hormones, and everything you’re exposed.

This system goes back thousands of years!

They knew back then that emotions + exposures caused the liver to get stuck!

The light bulb for this went into full explosion mode …

…when I thought about the idea that the metabolic reset takes out all fats in the diet to allow for the liver to strengthen it’s functions. 

My client and I both noted fat loss pretty quick into the reset.

For me it was cellulite and weird fat deposits that reduced, for him it was belly fat. 

What was the biggest change I’d made with the metabolic reset diet compared to how I normally eat?

Ditching all fats. 

I didn’t think good fats could slow liver function that much.

But I wasn’t paying attention to how many fats I was eating during the day till I started using the Lumen. 

Most days I easily hit or went over my fat target. 

I’m not saying good fats are bad.

Everyone has a fat tolerance level based on what their body is experiencing in the moment.

What’s the take-a-way here?

When you see weight increasing and you can’t seem to drop it…

…or you see weird fat deposits happening you didn’t have before…

…It could be you’re over consuming fat for a bogged down liver.

The same goes for weird period stuff and hormone imbalance symptoms too.

What’s the solution?

Do a full or mini-metabolic reset for 2-6 weeks:

  • take out all fats (minus what naturally occurs in lean 90/10 grass fed/finished beef, bison, chicken, turkey
  • ditch alcohol + caffeine + coffee
  • eliminate refined sugar, flour, fake sweeteners
  • ditch starchy veggies like potatoes, sweet potatoes and squash
  • eat 4 oz protein, 4 oz fruit, fresh veggies (no more than 4 oz of carrots, tomatoes, beets) – per meal
  • eat 2 meals a day between 12p-8p
  • increase to 3 meals if you plan to workout (no HIIT or intense cardio)

Get curious about yourself during the process and note what happens.

Add some liver support if you like, try Liver Love by MSW Nutrition – it’s the most comprehensive liver support I’ve seen to help with all the key liver pathways, including the hormones!

(code for $ off THEHEALTHFIX).

Work on de-stressing with daily breath work. 

After your reset, slowly add fats back in, one type at a time every 72 hours and watch your weight, body and how you feel. 

And let me know how you do!

Keep in mind the metabolic reset is a temporary plan to free the liver up to do it’s job.

It’s not a weight loss program or something that I want people to stay on for life. 

The goal is to learn more about your body and what it needs to run optimally.

My mission in life is to inspire each and everyone of you to become your own best doctor.

To know what to do when things get out of balance and how to get yourself back on track to keep your body running optimally.

If there’s something you want to learn about, don’t hesitate to hit reply and let me know so I can write an email or do an IG post on it. 

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

Jannine Krause

Get back to your wild, active, vibrant self

Let’s figure out what’s accelerating your aging process…

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