Can you remember the last time your leg fell asleep on you & you had to walk?

That tingling, numb, oddly painful and disorienting sensation…

…that’s decreased circulation.

Imagine that happening to your cells.

On a smaller scale and over the course of years.

When cells are starved for ions, minerals and the nutrients they need to make energy and communicate – one sick cell can lead to an entire section of tissue with declining cell function.

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This is how dis-ease develops.

There’s an injury to an area, the body gets confused and over does the inflammation response.

The area gets lots of nutrients at first…

…then as low level inflammation sets in the flood of nutrients decreases and debris from the repair process builds up.

Swelling in the area remains and circulation decreases over time. 

While not every area with decreased circulation will struggle with swelling what you may find is that certain areas…

  • feel cold to the touch
  • have a blue, purple, brown or gray hue to them
  • are puffy
  • have cellulite
  • knots, pain or decreased mobility.

Internal organs may show signs of sluggishness like decreased kidney function, slowed bowel movement or elevated liver enzymes. 

Fatigue, weakness, loss of strength, brain fog and, feeling down can all be signs of poor circulation.

You may be thinking, why isn’t she mentioning cardiovascular conditions?

Well…I’m hoping for you to catch some of the more subtle indicators. 

There are 5 things to think about when it comes to optimizing circulation.

The good news is, you can add each one of these easily into your daily life and habits you have right now. 

  1. Conditioning training – training your cardiovascular system (heart and vessels) to be more resilient to life’s stress while boosting circulation – incorporate into your workouts you’re already doing – look into the watch I’m using @trainwithmorpheus on IG or HERE
  2. Fascial work – help the wrapping around your entire body and organs move better to allow for free flowing of nutrients, ions and lymph for detox – add this into your foam rolling and daily recovery work each evening – check out @movementbyjulia
  3. Lymphatic movement – happens naturally with fascia work and exercise, bonus movement with jump training, and specific maneuvers to enhance movement – check out @chelseyjeanlymphatics on IG
  4. Breath work – add into your day – breathing through your nose and holding for 5-10 seconds on your exhale x10 times, first thing when you wake up and before bed – positional parasympathetic breathing – 5 minutes legs up on a couch or chair to stop the cortisol pump after workouts.
  5. Getting your energetic vibe dialed in – life stress drains your electrolytes, recharge yourself by grounding outside,  having a good laugh, taking a nap, getting good quality sleep, saying no when you’re not 100% into the task, paying attention to how you feel and working on following what has you feeling good and moving away from what doesn’t

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Chances are you’re doing some of these right now and for the others you can stack your habits.

The better your body is at circulation the better it can detox. 

A bogged down body is puffy, cold, tired with a foggy brain.

Enhance your circulation, clean up your vibe and you’ll be amazed how good you can feel in no time. 

You have to commit to taking care of you, this is key.

A half effort will yield half results. 

Go all in on these and you’ll start to feel more vibrant and youthful in a matter of 8 weeks. 

Why 8 weeks? 

It’s the researched time to improve cardiovascular conditioning. 

Want to learn more about conditioning training to boost circulation?

Check HERE to dive into articles by my conditioning training mentor & creator of my conditioning training certification, Joel Jamieson.

I’m thinking about a masterclass on this topic – if it sparks your interest – hit reply and let me know!

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

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