Helen Marray-Finlay has worked on the sets of big movies and shows from Pirates of the Caribbean to Parks and Rec, Modern Family and more. 

Last Friday Helen and I recorded a podcast about getting your skin ready for the summer when you’re over 40.

Helen is the founder of Finlay + Green, a skincare line dedicated to the skin care needs of women in peri-menopause and beyond.

She sent me a jar of her moisturizer to try it out after our first podcast last October and I ended up buying a case because I loved it!

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The number one thing that everyone over 40 struggles with is skin dehydration.

Makes sense as many struggle to drink water daily!

Pair that with warmer temperatures and you have double trouble for your skin.

Your skin needs good fats to lock in hydration as much as it needs water.

How do you best support your skin on a daily basis?

Get a super hydrating, non-toxic moisturizer that doesn’t have you feeling like a sticky oil slick.

Look for a moisturizer with the following…

  • hyaluronic acid
  • squalane
  • ceramides

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Finlay + Green’s moisturizer covers all the bases (check it out HERE).

Helen’s product isn’t the only one out there but she does have the cleanest one I’ve seen. 

Finlay & Green clean skincare for menopause moisturizer

If you’re planning to travel this summer ponder this…

…did you know air travel and sitting in the car with sun beating down on you through a window can wreak havoc on your skin?

Helen mentions her entire skin care flight protocol in the podcast that can be morphed into a road trip and sitting in traffic plan too!

Hydrating skin on-the-go…

  • apply moisturizer and sun protection before heading out
  • use a portable humidifier with a USB plug during travel
  • hyaluronic infused eye pads for the flight or ride
  • hydrating skin mist to spritz a few times during the journey

Say you have a wedding to attend and you’re arriving just in time to get to the rehearsal dinner…

Or maybe it’s a work conference, class reunion or a meet up with friends – either way this is a great way to have the freshest look stepping out of the car or off the plane.

Since I fly quite often – I’m going to test it out on this next trip!

I may even drop a story in IG for fun. 

Until then stay hydrated!

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

PS: If you haven’t caught it yet – check out my podcast with Helen – 🌟Ep 469 – HERE✨.

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