“If can you think it; you can do it” – Richmond Akhigbe

You do the things you do because of your thoughts.

For example, are you gaining weight or is your body composition changing?

If you think it’s too much work to plan out meals, cook them and spend time eating them.

It will be.

You will skip meals and then when your primitive brain takes over thinking it’s starving it gets you to order a pizza, grab fast food or stop at the health food store buffet.

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You figure you’ll just pick up a quick meal.

And you end up with a supersize of something or a $20 mix of randomness in a container from the Whole Foods buffet section.

Deep in the depths of your brain you’re justifying  – “hey, at least it’s all organic so it not that bad…right?” 

Maybe you’ve thrown in a little extra of something because it was on sale, like dried organic mangos from the bulk section!

Which you promptly eat after you inhale the $20 container of food. 

Quick food choices when you’re hungry often pack a big calorie punch.

Sound familiar?

I’ve been there and the story above has happened more times than I’d like to admit.

Reimagining your approach and thoughts around meal timing, preparation and planning can rejuvenate your interest. 

If you’re like me, grabbing a new cookbook or finding a fun website online for inspiration lights my meal prep fire!

Now if you’ve decided that you despise meal prep, it’s best to invest in meal delivery programs at this point versus fight your inner self.

Now you see how thoughts lead to behaviors.

That same pattern repeated becomes a routine or a habit wired into the brain. 

Here’s another common example…

Insomnia and fatigue issues…

Justifying staying up late when everyone is asleep to get your extra projects done.

Next thing you know it’s 2am and you have to get up for work at 6am.

Repeat this thought and behavior a few times and it becomes routine for you. 

Then insomnia sets in and you’re working against your own brain wiring. 

Find an earlier time for your “me time” or set a cut off time and stick with it.

Repeat over and over till your new thought, behavior and routine set in.

Insomnia will improves or go away!

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Perhaps you’re fatigued but you have “so much to do” – everyday – always…

…and you’re wondering why nothing is working to restore your energy.

Chances are you either overbook yourself and have your brain running 24/7 or your thoughts are wearing you out.

Looping thoughts of fear, anxiety and worry will have your brain thinking you’ve ran a marathon all day. 

Yes, your thoughts can be exhausting.

Imagine waking up each day with the first thought being “I have so much to do today, xy and z will likely go wrong and I have to do this and this too, there’s just not enough time during the day.”

I’m can feel my nervous system tensing while typing that last sentence.

That was me a little over 3 years ago and it wasn’t pretty!

There’s research by the way to back me up on this…

what you say and think about your day predict how your day will go. 

Try changing up your typical statements to yourself and watch how things unfold. 

The same goes for those of you who wake up tired every morning despite “doing all the things”.

Your thoughts could be holding you back from having limitless energy. 

Thoughts guide your habits, routines and behaviors.

What you think on a daily basis stands between you and optimal health. 

If you’re thinking that you have so much to do, there’s never enough time and there’s no way you can get through this day without being exhausted, that’s what will happen.

And if you repeat that every day, guess what you get?

More and more fatigued.

What’s the solution?

Change what you say in your head, even if your brain tries to argue it.

Even if it feels silly to repeat the opposite of what your brain is trying to think. 

You’ve wired your brain to associate things you say in your head or out loud with certain habits, routines and behaviors.

If you say you’re too busy you will have habits, routines and behaviors that support this statement such as…

  • overbooking yourself
  • booking things back to back
  • doing things fast just to get them done (like eating!)
  • always multitasking
  • not being present

The list goes on!

Same goes for pretty much anything in life.

If you want to change your habits, routines and behaviors you have to change how you think.

This requires reinventing yourself.

Get clear on who you’re becoming and what they are thinking to have the habits, routines and behaviors you desire.

Here are examples for fatigue, meal planning and insomnia…

  • If you wanted all day energy you’d say you have limitless energy.
  • Your daily tasks were easy and you had enough time to do everything.
  • You’d book yourself with time between tasks and breaks during the day.
  • Want to eat healthier and not have self sabotaging behaviors around food?
  • You’d plan out your meals, time to eat them and you’d say that meals are a breeze
  • Want to end insomnia?
  • Tell yourself that you can relax in the evening, you can get everything done without sacrificing sleep, you can get back to sleep when you wake up. 
  • Practice EFT tapping and gently talking yourself back to sleep

Applying this same concept to anything that isn’t optimal in your world right now can be a game changer.

You’ll find at the root of most struggles there’s a thought that leads to certain behaviors that create habits and routines that aren’t serving you.

Change your thoughts and watch the behaviors, habits and routines change too.

Here’s to the health of your thoughts,

Dr. J

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