Barbie…whether you were hooked with multiple cars, homes and outfits galore as a kiddo or you played with friends who were collectors it’s likely she’s touched your life in one way or other.

For women over 35 she may have been your frame of reference for your dream car, house, life etc.

While I’ve had my fair share of fun times playing with Barbies I know that there was a point when I found myself doing the comparison game with the doll.

Thoughts like…

  • If I was taller my waist would curve in more
  • Why does my body seem out of proportion compared to hers
  • If I looked like her, what would my dream job, car, house be like?
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As a rational adult it seems goofy to compare yourself to a toy but, I’m pretty sure I’m not alone here.

Looking back the amount of time spent on imagining life like Barbie’s, I wonder what it did to my energetic vibe as a kiddo?

Beating up on yourself for not looking a certain way, being where you want to be in life or not being able to lose weight as fast as you’d like drains your energy.

It’s like running a marathon in your mind every day when you’re already drained from life itself. 

I truly wonder how many women and men are draining their ion energy stores from the mental stress of the comparison game.

When I assess electrolytes (your electricity stores) – it’s not uncommon for me to see sodium, potassium and chloride depleted.

Electrolytes are your energy charges!

This is why I’m a big fan of electrolyte replacement, not only after taxing workouts but after mentally taxing days as well. 

While Barbie may be a thing of the past for you there may be something else running in your subconscious mind that has you doing the comparison game.

Instagram, Tik Tok and FaceBook are loaded with prime examples that bring up stuff every so often.

No judgement – I find myself noticing things too!

It’s all good…

…note the awareness that there’s a subconscious story going on and work to eliminate it!

This will save you a lot of brain power in terms of macro and calorie calculations or ruminating on the comparison game!

On Wednesday my podcast with Nina Manolson came out and we talk all about the impact of calorie computing on your emotional health (click HERE to listen in).

And because I don’t want to see anyone deplete their energetic resources from mental rumination over food, guilt, shame, body image or whatever else you’re beating yourself up about, I want to introduce you to Nina and her Body Peace Journal.

She’s offering her Practicing Body-Peace Journal for FREE 

  • She’s been helping women feel at home in their body for over 25 years
  • She’s not a hype kind of gal.
  • She’s not about the next trendy diet, she’s not about food rules.

She’s about unraveling the food and body struggle and creating a positive, compassionate and respectful relationship with your body so you can boost your energetic vibe and energy!

In my podcast interview with Nina she said she wanted to share this journal far and wide because it contains 20 questions that we all need to answer if we’re to truly feel at home in our body.

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I want to support you in caring for yourself in tangible ways.

And I like Nina’s type of approach because it’s…

  • Anti-diet-culture
  • Centered on using your own wisdom
  • Soulful

And very importantly….actually DO-ABLE, SUSTAINABLE and PRACTICAL.

If you’re wanting to feel more purposeful about your relationship with food right now, I hope you’ll check out Nina’s Practicing Body-Peace Journal. 

Click HERE to access her Practicing Body-Peace Journal.

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

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