My Dad’s muscles feel like beef jerky when I haven’t massaged them for a few weeks. 
Yet, when I can be consistent with a daily magnesium cream massages and getting him to fuel up on electrolytes they soften and feel hydrated.  
I’ve noticed this phenomenon is common in the over 40 on the go, hard working athletic types of folks.  
It’s possible that those who are busy bodies are not as good at hydration. 
Or they burn up their fluids and electrolytes faster than their more sedentary counterparts. 

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Chinese Medicine calls this yin deficiency, aka deficiency of cooling energy and fluids. 
Not being able to cool yourself down effectively makes you easily dehydrated on a cellular level.  
The more dehydrated you are the less your muscles and nerves have the electrolytes necessary for them to communicate properly.  
It’s not uncommon in peri-menopause and menopause to see muscle and nerve issues begin with increased hot flashes and night sweats.  
Now conventional medicine has decided to label hot flashes and night sweats as VMS (Vasomotor Symptoms) it’s time to break down what vaso-motor actually means. 
Vaso = vessels aka circulation.  
Motor = muscles and nerves – the things required to help us move.  
As you get older it’s crucial to maintain your circulation, nerve and muscle function if you want to age well.  
Complications in the vaso-motor arena are at the root of inflam-aging. 
Circulation declines as you get older.  
Much of life’s chronic issues can be related back to decreased circulation due to…dehydrationnervous system reducing circulation to keep you in fight or flight mode (sympathetic response)decreased mobilitybeing sedentary with sedentary jobs Sitting used to be touted as the next smoking. 
But standing in one spot for hours isn’t much better.   Ask the checkers as your local grocery store, it’s not an easy job on the body.  I put myself through ND school working nights at a local grocery store, it was rough on my body! 
Humans fare better when they move and have good flow of ions aka electrolytes.Nerves need sodium and potassium to fire correctly.Muscles need magnesium, sodium and potassium to contract and relax properly.  
If the nerves and muscles do not have the circulation to bring them hydration and ions for charge, they malfunction. 
They tighten, deflate (think beef jerky) and clamp down on nerves. 
If nerves are not charged properly they cause muscles to tighten up. 
What if a lot of nerve conditions could be addressed with increasing circulation and ion balance? German cell salt guru Dr. Schuessler was onto this in the 1800’s and his work has been largely overlooked by the conventional medical system. Same goes for another German Doctor, Dr. Reimar Banis and his work on Psychosomatic Energetics.  Ion balance is essentially your energy fields.  Now, I know for a lot of people energy work is considered “woo woo”. I get it, I was in that thought camp for a long time till I realized energy work is really ion movement in your body.  
I’m curious about the use of Dr. Schuessler’s salts instead of electrolytes combined with Dr. Banis’ homeopathics to see if I can improve hormone balance, circulation as well as nerve and muscle health. On Wednesday 8/30 at 5p PST in my masterclass I’ll be talking more about how cell salts and homeopathic psychosomatic formulas can help with restoring hormone balance, click HERE to register.   If you can’t make it, it’s ok I’m sending replays (and the download process will be easy this round!) 
If you’re working out and mobile all day then that’s awesome, what could you do to challenge your cardiovascular system in a targeted way? 
Conditioning training is one of my favorite ways to train the heart and enhance circulation.  

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You don’t have to be an athlete to do this. 
All you need is a watch that tracks your heart rate.  
Challenging yourself to get your heart rate up into the 120-150 zone for a few minutes and then breathing your heart rate back down to your waking base line heart rate.  
See how long it takes you to bring your heart rate down to baseline. 
The goal is 60 seconds to go from an elevated heart rate for you to your baseline.  
If you can bring your heart rate down faster than 60 seconds then you can challenge your heart at a higher heart rate for a longer duration and see how it goes.  
I geek out on this training, hit reply if you want to know more.  
Conditioning training isn’t for everyone and if you’re looking for an herb to help you with your circulation then consider one of the following …Dong QuaiGinkoAlpha Lipoic AcidGingerCayenneRosemary, Basil or Oregano  
Adding in herbs will help to circulate ions, like those in electrolyte drinks or cell salts to the cells.  Homeopathics to help unblock chakras as well as other subconscious ion blocks can help as well.  
Another great way to improve circulation is to “grease” all your joints on a daily basis by doing head to toe mobility exercises. 
Spend some extra time on your joints that don’t move as well.  
For Ion charging beyond cell salts I recommend Redmond’s Real Salt or Celtic Sea Salt with Cream of Tartar for potassium and topical magnesium.  
If you have muscle areas that just won’t relax like your neck, shoulders. hips or low back take a look into the following…Trigger point injections with saline, magnesium or homeopathic herbs like Traumeel Taking homeopathics like those from Privia Naturals Castor oil + heat to the areaTens units to provide electrical stimulationBlood flow circulation devices like the KAATsu or the Smart CuffsAcupunctureMassage therapy that is deep tissue focused by electrolytes or cell saltsMeeting with a physical therapist to help you identify where to focus to improve mobilityConsider finding a functional neurology practitioner or chiropractor who focuses on neuro-chiropractic care. As you can see there are lots of options here. 

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You have an intelligent body and it will let you know what it likes and doesn’t. 
If you’re open to learning from your body it will show you the solutions it needs.  
Try out a few things, observe and learn one day at a time.  
And enjoy the learning process! 
 Here’s to your health,
Dr. J

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