If you could wear a patch that relaxed a tight muscles by restoring a healthy connection between your area of pain and your nervous system would you try it?

For the last 8 years doctors in Europe have been using the Taopatch. 

They’ve conducted double-blind studies at major universities, and have sold over 250,000 devices through a network of over 2,800 doctors in Italy and throughout Europe. 

Even Novak Djokovic, the top singles tennis player, has mentioned the Taopatch “is the secret to his career.” 

So what’s the Taopatch doing?

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The Taopatches are embedded with nano-crystals on them that convert heat from your body to light which in turn sends a message to your nervous system. 

Patches are placed on specific acupressure points to help with your specific condition or area of concern.

While this may sound far fetched there’s a ton of research being performed in this arena right now. 

When exposed to light, heat or pressure your cells send messages to your nerves which connect to your spinal cord and send messages to your brain.

Sometimes signals get crossed or sent repetitively and the nervous system ends up confused.

This results in tight fascial tissue, muscle tension, pain and decreased function. 

To set the nervous system straight and end it’s confusion the body often needs a stimulus like light, heat or pressure to get it out of it’s pain and muscle tension loop.

Engineers have created polydopamine nanoparticles that absorb near infrared light and subsequently create heat. (more details HERE).

This light and heat reaction allows the nanoparticles to bind to neurons and inhibit excessive electrical activity. 

By calming the nerves in the area of concern the muscles relax and the pain is relieved. 

The technology that I’ve described is what the creators of the Taopatch are doing. 

What’s fascinating is that the Taopatch enhances the effect the researchers were seeing as the nanoparticles are activated by the body’s heat and the near infrared light to regulate the overactive nervous system response. 

To tap into the nervous system, acupressure points are used because they are areas known to be more connected with the nervous system.

I like to think of acupuncture and acupressure points as areas of concentrated ability to tap into the nervous system and increase ion circulation. 

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You are an electrical being and you’re moving ions around all day to help you carry oxygen and nutrients to your cells. 

The Taopatch is a tool to help your body move ions more effectively.

Mood changes such as depression, anxiety, anger and even just feeling off can all be related to decreased ion flow.

The Chinese see the majority of mood disorders as starting with the liver not moving blood through the body effectively. 

Health begins with good flow of blood aka healthy circulation.

If nutrients do not flow well then ions to the nerves for nerve signaling aren’t able to flow well either.

What throws your ions off in the first place?

  • stress
  • dehydration
  • decreased electrolytes
  • poor nutrition
  • changes in posture and mobility from habit and pain
  • EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies)
  • toxins in your food, air, water and environment

The Taopatch can be worn 24/7 and point areas can be changed up based on shifts in symptoms. 

I’m going to be looking into this technology to help my clients extend the benefits of acupuncture beyond the few sessions I’m able to do with them a year these days. 

I also see this as a possible combination therapy with other red light therapy devices, aromatherapy and homeopathic remedies for the nervous system like Privia Naturals I’ve mentioned in the past. 

The longer I’m in the game the less I see one thing as the magic bullet and instead a synergy of a few things that give your body the boost it needs. 

I’ll be trying out the Taopatch as soon as I get one from the company. 

Until then listen into my podcast on it  – everywhere you get your podcasts Episode 423 of The Health Fix Podcast or head to my website to check it out HERE.

Here’s to taking regulating your nervous system to another level!

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

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