Pause, Breathe, & Reflect?

It’s really easy for an entire day to fly by & realize you haven’t taken a break.

Maybe it feels overwhelming to add something else to your day.

Or you flat out do not believe you have time to pause…breathe or even reflect. 

This week on my podcast I interviewed Michael O’Brien, a marketing guru turned executive coach and founder of the app “Pause, Breathe, Reflect” and the “Ripple Kindness” movement. 

Michael developed the app as a tool to help busy professionals work in moments to pause, breathe and reflect.

The app is loaded with the tips and tricks Michael discovered to help him recover from his accident.

Check out the Pause, Breathe, Reflect app by clicking HERE.

This isn’t just another meditation app, it’s a very well thought out plan to help you create a habit of pausing daily to improve your productivity. 

Michael is funny and he brings a light approach to his recordings that are relatable to real life situations. 

He’s excellent for folks like me, who do not gravitate toward meditation but will listen to a few minutes of guided relaxation.

In addition to the app Michael has daily live sessions and encourages all his followers to “ripple something worth rippling”, share something positive to help others.

Michael and I both believe that this would be a kinder place if everyone took time to pause, breathe and reflect. 

How do these 3 things help your hormones?

The more time you take to slow down the less cortisol you’ll have needlessly pumping through your blood. 

Less random cortisol production = more balanced blood sugars, decreased cravings, better weight management and mood over time!

Taking time to pause, breathe and reflect gives the body the “all clear” signal, meaning you can go into parasympathetic chill mode.

The more time in chill mode the less inflammation from cortisol elevations, which leads to living longer, in a healthier state, mentally & physically!

Stress is at the root of all hormone imbalance and chronic illness.

There are so many research studies that prove this along with increased productivity when you take time to slow down.

Why is it that so many humans still struggle to take time for themselves?

It comes down to emotional state. 

The more frazzled and hurried you live your life, the more frazzled and hurried it will become.

For many being on the go and always busy is an addiction. 

Being addicted to the high energy elevated cortisol state is something many thrive on.

If you slow down, you will feel fatigued. 

To avoid it, you keep pushing your body beyond it’s limits.

Cortisol addicts eventually have crashes in energy, hormones and health in general.

I don’t want this phenomenon to happen to you, or anyone for that matter!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, frazzled, you think you have ADD and you’re on the go all the time, the Pause, Breathe, Reflect is worth a try!

I can’t stress enough the importance of self care and this app makes it incredibly easy to do. 

I’m using it on a daily basis now and I’m recommending to my clients too. 

If you’re open to learning more about the Pause, Breathe, Reflect app and how it can help you to put your cortisol in check so the rest of your hormones can regulate – click HERE to listen to my podcast with Michael O’Brien.

Or if you’d like to check out the app – click HERE.

If you know anyone who could benefit from this app – please share this email!

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

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