If you truly are what you eat there wouldn’t be clean eating folks that are overweight. 

What you believe directly impacts how food, environment and other things effect you. 

Beliefs are thoughts that you think over and over again till they become so true for you that it’s hard to believe otherwise. 

For example, how many of you have heard that it’s hard or a struggle to keep weight off as you get older?

Or that you slow down, lose strength, get weaker, you name it as you get older?

Technically not the case. 

All of those things happen if you believe them to be true and hold onto them as the truth. 

But doc, look around you, people are getting bigger, slower and sicker every day!

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Yes, you and I and everyone else on this planet have been brainwashed to think that there’s a certain way things go when it comes to getting older.

How did this happen?

What have you heard your Moms, Grandmothers, Aunts, Uncles, you name the person that has a few years or even months on you, they all say the same general thing…

…”wait till you get my age!”

No wonder you’re conditioned to think that getting older has to suck on so many levels.

My entire younger life, until my Mom passed when I was 26, I watched my Mom try diet after diet.

I went on them with her because I was convinced it was hard to lose weight at an early age and that I had a slow metabolism.

Funny thing, I was a thin kid till 7, right about the time I fell into the beliefs about my health trap. 

So I ask you, what health, life or societal thoughts have you practiced repeating in your head so much that they have now become beliefs?

I encourage you to ponder this deeply.

Write them all down on a piece of paper.

Every last one of them.

Dissect them out.

What habits, routines and behaviors have stemmed from each of these beliefs?

I’ll go first…

#1 Belief really messing with my mojo – I look at an Oreo and gain 5 pounds.

Yes, I’ve seriously told people this over an over again. 

Has this every truly happened?



What habits did this belief cause?

Restricting and binging when I did get ahold of an Oreo or any snack food for that matter.

Trying different diets, counting calories to the point where I should have a PhD in macros counting.

Searching out the healthiest food options 90% of the time.

Comparing myself to my thinner friends, tying up my self worth in my weight.

You get the idea…

…let’s move onto routines.

What routines did this promote?

Working out daily and committing to being active.

Now, this is a positive one, embrace these and circle them.

Not so great on the same side of workouts…my desire to workout after every carb indulgence.

Won’t be circling that routine.

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As you list out the routines that are tied up in this belief you’ll discover a ton about yourself. 

Next up what behaviors did this belief promote?

Hiding behind baggy clothes, good thing these were cool in my high school days. 

Wearing my long swim jacket right up till my turn to swim or dive so no one could see my body. 

Not trying out for top parts in plays at school and ultimately not trying out for the comedy group Second City in Chicago. 

Yes, I wanted to be a comedian as well as a pro snowboarder.

Lucky for you all…my behaviors led me right to Bastyr for naturopathic medicine!

Being self conscious turned out to be positive, but it took me till the last year to change my beliefs about weight.

I know what I’m presenting right now may seem absolutely batty to some of you right now.

It’s ok, be gentle with yourself and pick one belief at a time to dissect. 

Is it possible that everything you’ve believed to this point about your health and metabolism could be a series of repetitive thoughts that led to habits, routines and behaviors that helped support your belief?

I invite you to explore this and ask questions to debunk your own conclusions. 

Getting to know yourself and how your beliefs tie into so much of what you do, you will discover the key to what ails you.

Will it be magical and once you discover it all will be fixed?

I wish!

Now starts the process of creating new beliefs.

A process known as rewiring your brain.

My podcast guest on Saturday, Theresa Lear Levine and I talked all about how to become more you using EFT (emotional freedom technique) aka tapping. (click HERE to listen in )

Theresa and I have worked together for a while to help me unravel and rewire a lot of stories I told myself for years. 

I can honestly say I’m seeing a lot more progress in the last 6 months than I ever have and I attribute it to Theresa as well as two other folks I’d love to introduce you to…

…John Assaraf and Abraham Hicks. 

John Assaraf has multiple programs to help you change your thoughts and beliefs from finances to business and even weight loss. (check him out HERE).

He uses repetitive phrases that you listen to each day for a week at a time as you progress through specific topics you’re working on. 

I thought it was super hokey at first but I was impressed seeing my thought processes change.

Abraham aka Esther Hicks, has been around a long time in the world of “Law of Attraction”. (check her out HERE).

Her Youtube video series has a lot of positive thought processes to follow that will blow your mind in terms of how you’ve been programmed to think and how to un-do all of it, for the better.

I understand that not everyone may be ready to head into this realm of self discovery.

It’s there for you, when you’re ready.

My emails are all being posted on my website at doctorjkrausend.com in blog format.

If you ever miss one, want to learn about something on a particular subject, want to share something with someone, they are all being posted one by one. 

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

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