If skin is a reflection of your internal health, why is the skincare industry so focused on topical treatments?

Beauty expert Anna Bennett found herself asking the same question and pondering why her anti-aging regimens were not supporting her skin through peri-menopause and beyond.

What she ultimately realized is topical skin care only addresses signs of aging not the hormone imbalances and symptoms of hormonal shifts. 

No products out there were addressing hot flashes, mood swings, energy levels and skin. 

So she created her own line of supplements for peri-menopause and beyond skin.

Having suffered with over 70+ symptoms of peri-menopause during her transition she realized addressing from the skin from the inside out, paired with stress management and lifestyle change were key to getting the best results.

Anna is on a mission, like me, to empower women to address their hormone shifts from the inside out. 

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One of the biggest factors is that messes with your skin and health faster than anything else out there is stress.

How do you get your stress in check?

Guard your emotions.

Pay attention to them and when they go south note what causes them to turn.

Get clear on what has you feeling good and full of life and what sucks the life out of you.

If something doesn’t have you feeling amazing it’s not worth it!

Practice the art of going after what gives you a good feeling and let go of the things that do not.

Since your gut health is a direct reflection of your skin health it’s crucial to pay attention to what your gut does when you’re stressed!

Humans have trashed guts because they take their thoughts and stuff them down into their guts.

I recently saw a post where a fella said depression is lodged in your small intestine.


The small intestine and heart are paired channels in Chinese Medicine.

If the emotions that impact the heart aren’t on point the gut will be off. 

Since nutrients are absorbed by the gut it’s crucial to work on letting go of what doesn’t serve you and stresses you out. 

The same goes for food.

  • Create an experience around your food.
  • Chew at least 20-25 times per bite
  • Sit down to eat
  • Avoid eating when you’re stressed out

Track what causes your eyes to puff and dark circles to form in response to stress and food.

Reset the system by taking out the most inflammatory foods for at least a month..

  •  gluten
  • wheat
  • dairy
  • soy
  • corn
  • sugar
  • alcohol 

And when you’ve had them out for that time introduce them one by one every 72 hours and see what your body does.

Yes, this is a quick elimination diet and challenge if you’ve heard of these in the past. 

Note what happens in those 72 hours and then introduce the next thing to see how you tolerate it.

This is the best way to know what’s bugging your gut the most when it comes to food.

Once you’ve nailed down the foods then it’s time to work your hormones.

The simplest way to dial in hormones is to seed cycle. 

Seed cycling: 1 tablespoon of each category daily for those without periods and those with periods cycle 2 tablespoons of each category depending on where you are in your cycle.

Estrogen boosting: 2 tbsp ground flax, chia and pumpkin seeds from day 1 of blood flow till day 14

Progesterone boosting: from day 15 to start of another period 2 tbsp ground sunflower or sesame.

If this has your head spinning – Beeya Wellness makes it easy to seed cycle – click HEREto check them out. 

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Test your hormones or track your cycle to know where you experience most of your symptoms.

Consider bio-identical hormones or herbs to support hormone deficiencies. 

Balancing hormones often helps you get higher quality sleep. 

Progesterone and estradiol are the two most helpful hormones for sleep. 

Reduced sleep causes stress on the body along with life’s stressors.

All types of stress have the potential to decrease circulation in the body. 

Reduced circulation causes dark circles under the eyes, hair loss and graying.

Decreased lymphatic circulation causes puffiness under the eyes.

Anyway you look at it optimizing circulation is key.

  • Lymphatic drainage massage, especially in the neck and gut
  • Hydration with water and electrolytes
  • Infrared saunas
  • Dong Quai aka Angelica sinensis
  • Daily exercise
  • Breathing techniques
  • Scalp massage (if you have hair loss) as well as regular massage

The more you can promote circulation within the body the better.

I believe circulation to be at the root of accelerated aging. 

Less blood flow to a certain area and boom there’s a dysfunction in that area.

If the body is stressed and not bringing adequate blood or draining the lymph at the same time you’ll see signs of accelerated aging.

It never ceases to amaze me how connected the body truly is. 

Prevention of all these signs of aging boil down to protecting your circulation of blood and ions (aka Qi). 

The better you are at taking care of all the things that decrease circulation in the body the less signs of aging you’ll see over time. 

What can you do to assess circulation to the scalp, face, gut and in the body as a whole to allow for it to move ions, hormones and oxygen effectively?

Consider getting a complete blood count with platelets to see how well your body is producing red and white blood cells.

Test your iron, B12, folate, ferritin (iron stores), thyroid and regular hormones. 

Look into supplements that support your skin, hair and nails that go beyond the basic collagen and biotin supplements.

My podcast with Beauty Expert and owner of Ooh La La Beauty Supplements,  Anna Bennett was released today and I interviewed her on her supplement line specifically for addressing the impact of hormonal changes on the skin with age.

Anna was kind enough to let me test out her Bye Bye Dark Spots Hello Clear Skin supplement for the last 8+ weeks.

While I started it in the middle of the summer I do think that my skin is firmer and appears more hydrated. 

I’m going to keep using her products for another 3 months to give you a full answer on what truly think of her supplement.

Anna and I had a great conversation about hormones, menopause, her experience and what she saw was missing from the beauty industry when it came to addressing the skin from the inside out. 

Plus, I talk a little bit about my approach to assessing hormones at the end.

If you haven’t heard it yet – click HERE to listen in to my podcast with Anna Bennett.

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

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