Food independently tested from the top 20 fast food chains tested 100% positive for glyphosate, the pesticide known as Round Up. 

75% of the top 20 chains also tested positive for other harmful pesticides.

Contraceptives and harmful antibiotics were found in the top 10 fast food chains!

100% of the top 20 fast food chains were positive for the heavy metals lead and cadmium. 

This is disturbing because I’m seeing the parallels of these results on labs that I’ve drawn on my patients that are struggling with their health!

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And while I don’t specialize in pediatrics, it’s quite likely if parents are eating out, most likely the children are also eating whatever Mom or Dad picked up on the way home from work or shuttling from school to sports!

The research findings I noted above are from independent studies done by a non-profit called Mom’s Across America. (check out the research details HERE).

It came about when Mom’s group started to investigate what was being served in school lunches across America. 

Most school lunch programs contract with fast food companies and other large distributors that supply fast food companies.

There are bids and vetting that happens, it’s a big deal to “win” a school district contract. 

When I lived in Colorado I consulted for a non-profit that was working directly with the school districts state wide to improve the school lunch quality by increasing the use of locally grown produce, meats and poultry. 

I’ve seen the ugly truth of what America’s kids are being fed!

Plus I’ve also worked with military parents who’s families were stationed in states where it’s required that kids who go to certain pre-schools eat the food that is served to them! 

What?! You can’t even pack your kid a lunch for school?

Not in the state of Mississippi!

I had a case recently where a Washington family was stationed in  Mississippi and was told unless they could prove the child had a food allergy they were not allowed to pack their child a lunch due to state regulations. 


Where were these regulations when my Mom made me my lunch with fruits, veggies and whole foods snacks that no one would trade for their Doritos?

Reflecting back, I’m so glad my Mom was committed to feeding me well.

Yet, at the time, I wanted what the other kids had. 

Not sure if the stigma still stands, but I’m not sure if I knew any kids that actually liked school lunches.

Sadly, in lower income districts many kids eat breakfast and lunch using school funded programs. 

Why is this information horrifying to me?

These chemicals are why Americans are sick. 

They are why many people have gut issues, can’t lose weight, struggle with hormones, fertility, heart disease and diabetes. 

Food is medicine, it always has been. 

And now fruits and veggies, if not raised organically are loaded with glyphosate as well. 

Where this gets the average American is that we’ve been trained to think that eating fruits and veggies is healthy. 

And normally it is, if they are not loaded with chemicals. 

Ever go on a health kick and buy a bunch of non-organic fruits and veggies from the store and feel worse?

It’s not uncommon. 

This is why – pesticides and other chemicals in your fruits and veggies.

I used to think that the “dirty dozen” of produce was a good guideline set by the EWG (environmental working group) to help people figure out what to buy organic and what they can flux on.

Sadly, this is not the case anymore as recent research shows if you go all organic on your fruits and veggies you can cut out more than 90% of your chemicals in your diet. 

What in the world?


It gets worse, Zen Honeycutt the founder of Mom’s Across America and I just did a podcast that I released today where she noted that a veggie topped pizza had more chemicals than a meat topped pizza!

What?  The veggies were always the healthier choice…or so I thought!

This information is straight up appalling to me. 

As a doc who sees adults trying to eat healthy and not getting results THIS is what I go back to. 

Are you being poisoned by your food supply?  Maybe. 

How do you end the madness?

Commit to supporting local farmers who you know are using organic techniques to grow their food.

They don’t have to be certified organic, this can be costly for folks getting started, find out their growing and pest control practices.

If they geek out on talking all about it – you can ensure they are trying their best!

Better yet, start growing your own food!

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It’s no secret we have a serious problem with health and food supply chain her in the US (and from what I hear Canada isn’t much better). 

Fight back by growing your own food and teaming up with neighbors to create a food network – one street at a time. 

Get to know your neighbors, do things “old school”!

This is still alive in the midwest – this summer alone we had a circuit of folks sharing and trading all kinds of produce!

And now in the winter we’re all sharing different foods we froze or canned during the fall. 

If there’s an apocalypse, I can guarantee Central Wisconsin is prepared.

I find that in the Pacific Northwest it isn’t as common to talk to your neighbors as it is in the Midwest, I invite you all to change that!

While growing your own food may seem overwhelming, there are many farmer’s markets that are thriving across the country, go to them and get to know your farmers.

Cost an issue?

Volunteer at farms a few days a season and get discounts!

Back in my Colorado days I was teaching patients how to grow lettuce in containers and more. 

It’s not hard to grow your own veggies and you can start even in the winter indoors. 

And the entire set up can be less than $10. 

Check out the Neighborhood Food Network – they have a ton of resources!

Who knows, I may start teaching more on this too!

If you’re on a mission to get healthier, have more energy, balanced hormones and live well for longer… you can’t rely on the current food supply chain.

I’m surrounded by farmers that grow soybeans, wheat, alfalfa and corn for the animals that you eat and the dairy cows that produce the milk for your butter, cheese, ice cream, yogurt and more!

They spray glyphosate and other chemicals a few times during the year.

At the beginning or end of the growing season glyphosate is sprayed to kill and dry out the crops to make harvest easier but to also store it easier as well. 

Feces from the animals that eat the glyphosate sprayed food is sprayed daily back onto the fields somewhere in the neighborhood.

While this is a great way to recycle and give back to the land you’re now applying every thing the animals are exposed to back into the soil for the next crop. 

This is how veterinary antibiotics, chemicals and hormones end up in your food.  

It’s disturbing to see it all first hand. 

Farmers aren’t the enemy, it’s the system in which they have to operate in.

My neighbors are great people who’ve been manipulated by the system. 

It’s easier to go with the flow then invest more money in growing organic. 

How do you change that?

The world works on supply and demand. 

Create demand for organic food and the supply will follow.

It will take time…

…so in the meantime, if you’re wanting to live a longer healthier life – invest in growing your own food and partnering up with friends or those in your neighborhood to create your own food network. 

Less chemicals over time = better health. 

Struggling right now, especially with your gut?  Go 100% organic.

Over and over again I’m shown in my practice that food is medicine. 

You can’t supplement your way out of poor nutrition or expect a “miracle cure” supplement or medication to solve all your issues.

Glyphosate in particular is directly linked to eroding the gut lining and causing leaky gut. 

Yes, it costs more money to go organic but it will save you tons of money in medical bills in the long run. 

If you found this information intriguing, listen in to my podcast episode 426 of The Health Fix Podcast with Zen Honeycutt and share it with anyone who could benefit from this information. 

Click HERE to listen right now or go to anywhere you get your podcasts.

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

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