Modern life promotes disconnection.

Disconnection from yourself and others in order to climb the career ladder or get ahead in life.

There’s convenience food, fast food and junk food – all things that you can rip open a bag and eat or pop in the microwave and eat in a matter of minutes.

All so you can get back to what you were doing…

…like being too busy to eat and nourish yourself. 

When it’s typed out on paper it seems ridiculous to say it but that’s the truth.

Modern conveniences in life were created so that humans can get back to being productive.

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Sadly, in a world of conveniences created to make you more efficient it’s made you less efficient at caring for yourself. 


The less effort you put into slowing down to tend to your needs the more you disconnect.

Perhaps that was what was intended with the industrial revolution. 

When you disconnect from yourself you lose your connection to others as well.

This is a huge problem as social connection helps promote longevity!

I talked about that a few emails ago when I talked about Blue Zones.

If you didn’t catch my email on the “Blue Zones”, click HERE where you can find all of my previous emails blog style as a resource. 

I don’t know how many times I’ve been in a coffee shop or restaurant and looked around to see couples on their phones while sitting at the same table!

Now, I admit that I’ve done that to my husband and bless him he’s called me out every time. 

We now have no phones zone rules!

Speaking of relationships…

On Saturday my podcast with Dr. Glenn and Phyllis Hill came out and they shared all about their discoveries on how to create deeper connections using their tool “The Core Emotion Wheel”. (Click HERE to listen now)

Dr. Glenn and Phyllis didn’t always have a stellar relationship and in fact they found things to be rocky 24 hours into being married!

They knew they loved each other, yet they seemed to always be arguing and disconnecting.

After a chance comment by Phyllis that provoked Glenn to open up, the two went on a mission to figure out what connected people when it came to the 8 core emotions.

Now the two of them are on a mission to help individuals and couples connect with themselves and others. 

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I love this concept and believe connection is a huge contributor to optimizing your health. 

As a kid I went to Catholic Mass with my Mom every Sunday. 

Like most kids, I didn’t love church but I did enjoy when the priest told everyone to turn to each other and shake their hands as a sign of peace. 

There was something fun about that and I looked forward to it every Sunday.

It’s likely why I do what I do today!

I love getting to know my patients to serve as a guide on a deeper level. 

This is missing in modern medicine and why so many people are struggling with their health. 

So I ask you, what would it mean for you to connect with yourself or someone on a deeper level or to be a part of a social group where connection was encouraged?

What could develop in your personal relationships if you were able to use the 8 core emotions to truly connect versus get hung up on an emotion and disconnect?

Check out Dr. Glenn and Phyllis’s “Core Emotion Wheel” (click HERE) and see what happens!

And if you’re open to it, share with me too, I love to hear your insights and successes!

Here’s to restoring connection in relationships and society!

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

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