French research has made it possible to use exosomes and stem cells to turn the clock back on your joints and spine!

Degenerative disc and joint conditions can be prevented and managed effectively.

Dr. Jeffrey Gross, MD is a pal of mine and he’s on a mission to show how good life can be despite aging joints and spines.

It’s not uncommon for me to read an MRI or X-ray report and see the term “degenerative” changes.

Most docs, myself included, have been trained to think “degenerative changes” = “arthritis with age” and no options for treatment. 

Perhaps you have been led to believe that there’s nothing you can do for your arthritis or joint degeneration. 

Gone are the days of – “just deal with it!”

How are docs rejuvenating joints and spines?

By targeting the areas that are in need with injections of exosomes and stem cells to the bone.

Treatments are non-invasive and include imaging guided injections of stem cells and exosomes.

These targeted injections send the info your bone needs to repair itself. 

Rejuvenation procedures last less than an hour under light sedation. 

There’s soreness with the injections however recovery time is minimal compared to surgery.

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What are exosomes?

Exosomes are the small protein fragments of peptides. 

Your body is using them right now to convey repair information on a daily basis. 

Bodies are busy repairing all day, the bone often doesn’t receive the exosomes it needs for repair!

Exosomes, peptides and repair molecules are predominantly shuttled to your vital organs first.

Exosomes contain the information the bones need to repair themselves.

By using exosome injections doctors are able to target areas in need of rejuvenation.

In the coming years you may have access to multiple exosomes that can instruct your body to do certain things.

The skin care industry is successfully using exosomes to target skin rejuvenation.

Could exosomes be the future of rejuvenation and health optimization?


Exosome and stem cell treatments are not covered by insurance.

However, some insurance companies are starting to cover stem cell treatments. 

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Exosomes are quite a bit more cost effective than stem cell and can be used independently. 

While stem cell runs in the thousands depending on treatment area, exosomes are in the hundreds for cost.

There are multiple specialized clinics opening all over the US. 

My go-to, Dr. Jeffrey Gross is located in Henderson, NV, close to Las Vegas. 

He notes that one can come in for a long weekend, have a treatment and be back to regular life the next week. 

I recently had Dr. Gross review my spine MRI with me during a podcast and I learned a ton of information…

…not only about my condition but about options for those dealing with spinal degeneration.

As an acupuncturist, I’m often the last resort for people looking for pain relief prior to surgery. 

Sadly, I don’t find that many who do spine surgeries come out raving about their relief.

Spinal rejuvenation with stem cells and exosomes doesn’t require surgery, has minimal down time and from the stories I’m hearing from research and Dr. Gross I think it’s worth a look.

Of course you may be thinking, doc that’s a lot of cash to put at something and not know if it will work.

Well, surgery isn’t cheap either and there’s no rejuvenation going on there. 

Plus, I haven’t seen stellar results in my patients that have had spine surgery. 

I begged Dr. Gross to do some injections on my spine yet, he noted the bone of my spine was healthy, my disc was the issue.

Point being, he’s not going to talk you into something that isn’t going to provide benefit. 

For anyone that knows me, he does free Zoom consults to provide second opinions or he will order enhanced MRI imaging to hone in on your issues as sadly many MRIs are of poor quality.

If you’re struggling with joint pain, arthritis or spine issues, Dr. Jeffrey Gross is a wealth of knowledge and I highly recommend reaching out to his office and telling them Dr. Krause from The Health Fix Podcast sent you.

Current patients of mine, let me know you’d like to talk to him and we’ll get you set up directly. 

And if you’d like to see what a consult is like with him – check out the Youtube version of my podcast with him HERE where we review my lumbar MRI together.

If you have questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to reach out. 

Life is too short to have pain keeping you from doing what you love!

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

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