Most adults I see in my practice have signs of burnout on life.

From fatigue to depression, apathy, insomnia, hormone imbalances and even gut issues…

…they are all connected to burnout. 

Doctors will say “oh, that’s what happens as you get older.”

But what if your body isn’t designed to get tired, lose muscle mass, decline physically and mentally at the rate you see it happening in society?

Is it possible the triggers of accelerated aging are rooted in your lifestyle and how you perceive your life?

The following symptoms have ties to being burnout in life and career…

  • trouble losing weight
  • issues sleeping
  • fatigue
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • low grade infections that linger
  • digestive issues
  • hormonal imbalances 
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In a culture where you’ve been trained to want a pill, supplement or herb for what ails you…

…it’s often hard to believe that a mindset or lifestyle change could resolve your nagging health issues. 

How do you know if it’s burnout or an imbalance within the body causing your symptoms?

Testing to evaluate your conditions and asking yourself the hard questions about your life. 

The 7 signs of burnout…

1) Fatigue, brain fog, lack of motivation, decreased concentration and loss of creativity

2) Procrastinating

3) Irritability, repeated frustration and easily overwhelmed

4) Difficulty sleeping

5) Feeling guilty for not staying busy & not being able to relax on vacation

6) Not maintaining boundaries and subsequent resentment

7) Ignoring your self care – ex: not making healthy food choices, keeping up your appearance

On Saturday my podcast with Chantay Golson came out and we talked all about burnout in female entrepreneurs and executives.

My take-a-way from the podcast was the parallel of burnout with the majority of the complaints I hear from patients as they get older.

Are humans burning out on life and aging faster because of it?

I truly believe this is possible. 

It’s easy to let life take you for a ride versus you taking control. 

Especially if you’ve ever owned your own business. 

In episode 447 of The Health Fix Podcast, Chantay Golson tells her story and provides listeners with a great tips and tools to help you bounce back from burnout.

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One of Chantay’s tips that stuck with me was her daily assessment.

Chances are you have something that’s stealing your energy, overwhelming you and bringing down your vibrant energetic zest for life (aka your energetic charge).

Map out your day and the time it takes to do everything that you do in a day. 

Highlight what matters most to you and what drags you down.

  • daily tasks – home and work
  • fitness
  • community or family events
  • weekly tasks
  • other commitments

Can you outsource, delegate something to someone else or do you really have to do this thing that you don’t enjoy?

Or is there a way to make something more enjoyable?

If you’re avoiding or procrastinating on something daily – how could you change that?

I’ve found assessments like these to be valuable to re-structure your life in a way that’s enjoyable. 

When you free yourself of things you don’t enjoy you have more time for things you love. 

Take advantage of that free time to rejuvenate yourself by having fun and practicing the art of relaxing.  

Create a life where you’re in control and ditch anything that disturbs your peace.

Chantay Golson talks all about this and more on burnout and preventing it – check out our podcast HERE

Here’s to a living life on your terms, 

Dr. J

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