I’m guessing Playboy Mogul Hugh Hefner may have tried out a few circulation enhancing, skin rejuvenation therapies over the years!

Sadly, he didn’t share those tips with the public!

With so many commercials focused on male hormone enhancement – women are left to fend for themselves.

The interesting thing is that there are options for men and women out there to increase circulation, heal and rejuvenate the tissue down below – naturally!

And these therapies are ancient…

…Samurai warriors were using carbonic hot springs to recover from battle in the 11th century.

The French created injections with carboy in the 1800’s.

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Japanese created a carboy gel delivery system in the 21st century to speed up wound healing and many docs are using this technology to help patients heal from tearing post partum.

My podcast with the founder of CO2 Lift, Lana Kerr was released today and I wanted to share some things I learned from her as I find it interesting and worth a look…

…especially for the reproductive tissue in men and women!

(Want to skip to the podcast – click HERE to listen now)

Sexual health is a subject that needs attention because of it’s impact on mental, physical and relationship health.

I’m saddened by how many women tell me they don’t enjoy sex anymore or that they never did and they take one for the team!


There’s potential for sex to feel good at any age … even for those that haven’t enjoyed it ever! 

Carboxy treatments are just one of the 3 solutions out there that I recommend to help men and women in this department.

Granted, most of the marketing is for women but I’ve seen men benefit from these creams equally.

Signs of aging skin on your face means your skin is aging all over!

Aging skin anywhere on anyone will have certain characteristics…

  • thinning (more susceptible to scratches, friction, injuries, bleeding)
  • loss of elasticity (stretchiness)
  • decreased circulation & hydration (dryness, rough, flaky appearance)
  • less ability to hold in moisture
  • decreased excretion of lubrication, sweat, saliva, mucus 
  • pH imbalances – itchiness, prone to infections
  • decreased healing time and easier to bruise

While these injuries present differently depending on the skin, if you can see wrinkles or signs of aging on your face, they are happening down below too!

Let me tell you about the 3 skin treatments that I find most effective for aging skin down below!

Don’t worry I didn’t forget to give the scoop on what I’m seeing helping women enjoy sex again or even for the first time. 

#1 Carboxy Treatments aka CO2 Lift and CO2 Lift V

CO2 lift is a carbon dioxide gel delivery system that rejuvenates skin and vaginal tissue.

It delivers carbon dioxide to the skin when you mix the gel and an activator together and apply to the skin. 

Let’s geek out for a minute because if you’re like me you’re wondering how do you get a gas, CO2 out of mixing packets and putting them on the skin?

To get the carboxy treatment going…

  • a packet of water is mixed with gluconolactone in another packet and they form a mild acid.
  • That mild acid mixes with the magnesium carbonate packet to form CO2.
  • The resulting CO2 is absorbed into the skin in a unique, hypoallergenic, and mild treatment.

Because the vaginal area needs a different pH than regular skin there are two options for CO2 Lift – the regular CO2 Lift and CO2 Lift V.

Because I don’t recommend things that I’ve not tried out on myself I had to see what this CO2 Lift was all about. 

Yes, I tried it on my face and down below!

Here’s what I discovered…

  • Skin elasticity & hydration seemed to improve
  • Things did feel more like “butter” down there vs sandpaper
  • Aftermath of long bike ride irritation that hangs around for a few days didn’t bug me like it had in the past

Overall, I was impressed and I’m going to do another round of it in a month as suggested to see what happens then – stay tuned!

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What I like about the CO2 Lift & CO2 Lift V…

  • Both can be done at home
  • There are protocols to follow based on your symptoms of aging skin
  • It’s easy to use, no measuring of product, it’s all done for you

CO2LiftV cost is a bit higher than my next suggestions so you’ll want to put it into perspective.

If it helps with enjoyment in life, prevents chronic infections, improves bladder leakage, improves relationships as well as keeps your tissue healthy it’s priceless.

I can see the CO2 Lift V being used monthly or quarterly in between my other go-to’s I’m about to share.

Microneedling and facial acupuncture treatments I do could be paired nicely with the CO2 Lift too. 

Let’s get on to my go-to’s for reproductive tissue health!

#2 Julva Cream – hydrates and improves skin tone of reproductive tissues.

This cream created by Dr. Anna Cabeca has worked wonders for many of my clients.

It contains…

  • DHEA
  • Shea Butter
  • Vitamin E
  • Coconut Oil
  • Emu Oil

Because of the oil combinations it’s hydrating and has helped my clients prevent bladder leakage and many bladder infections from vaginal atrophy. 

It also doubles for helping with lubrication, sensitivity and sexual desire. 

While it’s marketed for women, I’ve also had a few men try it out on thinning skin down below and have had good results.

DHEA is a hormone precursor to estrogen and testosterone and can help the body naturally produce these hormones. 

It’s an option for someone who isn’t ready to try bio-identical hormone replacement therapy but has low DHEA, low testosterone and estrogens.

If you have a personal history of breast cancer or it runs in your family it’s wise to consult with your doctor and get some urine hormone metabolism tests to understand your risk factors.

That being said, this is why I love compounding pharmacies as they will make up whatever mix your determine would be most effective for your vaginal health.

And many pharmacies have amazing pharmacists that will help you create your own blend that suits your needs. 

Next up is my favorite base formula for women wanting to increase lubrication and sensitivity while rejuvenating their vaginal tissue.

#3 Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin E + Shea butter – compounded or mixed yourself. 

You could buy all three of these things at the store and mix them on your own. 

Note: If you choose to DIY it – make sure the vitamin E is in a gel cap so you can pop it open and get the E oil out! (Annatto seed oil based E is best & mixed-tocopherols work too).

I will sometimes add in DHEA or estriol to the mix.

Estriol is the weakest estrogen with an affinity for the vaginal tissue.

This combo can be made into a cream or a suppository that can be placed in the vagina overnight. 

Either way you use this formula when used for 14 nights in a row it’s been found to rejuvenate the tissue enough to reduce pain with sex, prevent vaginal infections and improve stress incontinence.

After the 14 day initial dosing some women use the blend for 3 nights a week while others only need it one night a week to maintain their results. 

The estriol added to the mix does yield the best results.

It’s recommended to test your hormones and urinary hormone metabolites prior to trying out any hormone based formula. 

Because this type of estrogen is a weaker form of estrogen you won’t get the same effects for the brain, heart, bone and gut health as you would with estradiol replacement therapy. 

The good news is, you can use a combo of BiEst, estradiol and estriol vaginally with these same ingredients and get benefits from the two types of estrogens. 

There are so many more options with compounded creams and suppositories, consulting with a doc like myself or anyone that’s educated on hormone replacement therapy, vaginal health and skin care could help you create a custom product for you.

Sadly, despite all of these solutions out there, I’ve seen many women and men suffer when they don’t have to.

Please share this information with anyone you know that is struggling painful sex, bleeding after sex, incontinence, frequent urinary tract, bladder or vaginal infections.

Same goes for men that are noticing blood flow issues and thinning skin – testosterone is not always the answer, there are options to enhance circulation using creams!

Much of the age related issues down below are related to circulation and thinning skin in males and females.

You and your loved ones do not have to accept these conditions as normal aging! 

Even younger women who find sex painful and not pleasurable can benefit from testing out some of these products.

Yes, there may be pelvic floor issues, prolapse and other conditions at play here…

… but what if addressing those issues plus adding in something that helps on the skin level could be just what you needed?

Of course I always recommend to consult with your doctor or hit reply to ask questions, I’m happy to chat about this sensitive subject with anyone. 

And don’t forget to listen into my podcast with Lana Kerr to learn more about the CO2Lift line of products. (click HERE to listen now!)

If you’re interested in the CO2Lift products you can get 15% off using my code THEHEALTHFIX15

Here’s to your health,

Dr. J

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